Local Co-Op Games I’ll Be Playing Over Christmas

cooltext152318081713357Precisely a year ago (unplanned I promise, a happy coincidence) I wrote a post about the games I’ll be playing with my family. Part celebrating Christmas, part celebrating the dying art of local co-op (you can find that very post here) – it went down well and was one of December’s highest viewed posts.

Well, here is the 2015 edition – the games that I will be relying on to bring the family together and keep us laughing together long after the crackers have been pulled.

I present to you a list of local co-op games that guaranteed to lead to a very merry Christmas. Every game has special tips to help you eck out every ounce of fun!

Mario Kart 8 

mario-kart-8-headerMy second favourite game of last year is Nintendo’s premier racing series. I raved about this game and time has been very kind to it, the DLC packs released have given it a whole new lease of life; more characters, cars and tracks to appeal to everyone.

Think your Nan is a lovely woman? Well, wait until she’s ramming you with a red shell and overtakes you leaving you languishing in last place, the laughing-stock of the family. You Grandad is no better either, he’ll blue shell the shit outta you and when you complain he’ll tell you that in his day “I’d get the belt if I spoke to my Grandad like that you shit”! before laughing as he costs you the race. Everyone becomes a professional driver in MK and it is beautiful!

This really is one of the best games ever made and it’s perfect for some Christmas shenanigans. So get out those WiiMotes, steering wheel peripherals and classic controllers; pass them around to any family members and begin the race.

Bonus Chrimbo Tip: If you don’t own a Wii U, any version of Mario Kart will suffice – MK Wii is one of my favourites!


This has become an annual tradition with MrsLuvva and her side of the family. Everyone goes to her Aunt’s house for Boxing Day dinner, eat loads and drink far too much. Soon after this the PS2 gets cracked out and we begin our annual chase of her high scores.

Buzz-logoThey have 5 or 6 different discs of this great quiz game and they keep us entertained for hours. There are cheers and groans as we get our answers correct and incorrect. We play individually and team up but it always becomes far too competitive, cue loads of cheating each other – we’ve done everything from pulling swapping buzzers to restarting the PS2 and claim “a crash”.

Buzz! gets everybody worked up and is absolutely brilliant fun! Because there are so many discs – there’s one to satisfy/placate anyone – it’s perfect for Christmas.

Oh and I hold the record for 3 of the music discs and the movie one too! I don’t plan on losing it this year! The rage on her aunt’s face as I smashed that 80s pop disc was worth it…

Bonus Christmas Tip: When you are all deciding on the disc to play, remember to groan and say “not that one!” when they get to your specialist disc!

Rock Band 4

It’s back…and it’s on my Christmas list! I hope Santa brings it because I am hungry to continue my career as lead singer in my band Canestan Duo! I am the best front man in a shitty rock band the world has ever seen and I owe it all to Harmonix.

If; for some reason, Santa fails to deliver this game all is not lost – Sherry rb4-blog-imgand I are planning a short stream of a few songs on Christmas day as we await our feed from mum! So make sure to stop by at his twitch channel and say hi (maybe even pick the next song I sing).

Again Rock Band is a great game to play with others because of the huge setlist, with over 1900 songs there is literally something for everyone, no matter their age or musical tastes. With the full band experience and vocal harmonies even the very shy can play a role in making the beautiful music.

I am psyched for this game and cannot wait for Christmas Day!

Bonus Christmas Tip: Always let the lead singer pick the songs, after all it’s important that they are familiar with the song!

Dance Central 3

This is MrsLuvva’s and I go to game when we’ve had a few beverages (drink responsibly people!) and this Christmas will be no different. In my Kinect obituary post I outline that is an experience that would be impossible without the Kinect and it is always amazing fun (and awesome exercise).

lush_crew_screen-01-w1280Sure MrsLuvva always kicks my ass in it; but that’s just because she has more natural rhythm than me! What is hilarious though (and I’d love to record and edit it for a YouTube video; but she’d kill me) is that after a few songs on medium we get cocky and up the difficulty only to get destroyed by the complexity of the routines and sheer length of the songs. Every play session of DC3 ends with us collapsing in exhaustion, but a great time is always had.

If you want to dance with someone this Christmas then this is the game to go for! Forget that Just Dance crap, this game has the superior coding and reading, the soundtrack is incredibly good and the difficulty banding means that absolutely anyone can join in – you can even switch on a calorie counter and see how long it takes to burn off those mince pies (and dinner, desert, chocolates etc)!

Guilt Free Gaming.

Bonus Christmas Tip: If playing with a non-gamer and you’re losing, trick them into swapping sides with you mid-song (the electric slide is good for this) and steal their score!

What games will you be playing with family members this Christmas?

Do you have any other tips for the games above?

Tell me in the comments below!



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