MrLuvva’s Luv-In #31

As we enter the final 5 days of the Christmas run in we have found that we lead very unstructured and unorganised lives. We have also found that time is of a premium, a commodity that we wish we simply had more of…

…I can’t give you more time; what I can do though is maximise how you use what time is available to you. “How?!” I hear you scream as you furiously shake your monitor. Well dear reader the same way I have been doing for the previous 30 weeks, by taking the best posts I’ve read over the past week and putting them in one handy place.

As always, click each link and support these fine bloggers and blogettes! They really do deserve it!

Listmas 2015: Murf’s Most Played Games Of 2015: I’m really enjoying Murf’s listmas posts, they are well written and perfectly succinct. This was one of my favourites because it gave me a window into his playing habits. At times it seems like Murf and I have very similar tastes in our games, but this was different – I’ve only played one game on this list, but put a lot of man hours into it!

10 Movies To Watch This Christmas – A really good list with a Christmas twist (hey that rhymes!) by KeithLovesMovies! I was happy to see that Bad Santa made it there – but regular readers will know that I don’t consider Die Hard a Christmas movie! don’t let that deter you though, this is a great list!

20 Years Of Playstation – My Top 20 Playstation Games And The Nostalgia Opportunity For SonyIzlain inspired me not so long ago to create my top 20 PSOne games which I duly completed! Our lists were very different and had only a few crossovers and now we have  LincolnMohan  giving us another completely different list that is full of great games. If nothing else our 3 lists really do highlight the depth of the PSOne catalogue! Lincoln then looks into avenues that Sony could move into to monetise this library of games! Really good work Linc!

Great Gifts For Gamers: Video Games Collages: I love this post from GIMMGP! Not only is it a superb read but it is a genuinely good idea for those of you who are struggling to find a present for a loved one (which ties in with my last few posts). If you are one of those people you owe it to yourself to read this post, it may just inspire you! 

5 Games That Need A SequelHere is a list that I have actually very little working knowledge of. I am not a huge JRPG fan but this post really captured my attention, it was a great idea for a post and it is brilliantly written. I love reading about games that I have missed/dismissed it is because of the varied opinions in blogs that I started this series! In saying this, I did play Jade Empire, and it was a superb game! Really good work Dina!

The Luigi That Wanted To Be A MarioI really loved this short, tongue-in-cheek post from Martian. It is a testament to his sharp wit and eyes! That plushie does indeed look more like Luigi than Mario! Give it a click and see for yourself!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review – Do Or Do Not There Is No Try: An absolutely fantastic review from Wolf! Deep, insightful and; best of all, spoiler free! Having recently seen the movie myself I agree whole-heartedly with Wolf, it is a fantastic watch that captures the true essence of Star Wars. Really great work Wolf!


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