Games Which Remind Me Of Christmas #2


…Luvva Made Me Do It!

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year again! Christmas is upon us! To touch upon a subject which I brought up in last weeks post (Gamer Christmas Traditions – can be found here!) It is time we talked about a game (or games!) which remind us of the festive period! Unlock Luvva though, I am going to go more…recent!

Rock Band


I wrote last week that ‘Rock Band’ is probably the greatest party game of them all, and there is no bigger party throughout the year than Christmas! None! Best Birthday party ever! So, it is only fitting we bring out the big guns this time of year right?!

The first time I saw Rock Band was when Luvva bought it upon it’s original release day back in 2007. I had played it maybe once before he brung it out on Christmas Night. Having been a massive fan of ‘Guitar Hero’, I was quite dubious to say the least. But then it happened!

Two guitars, one singer, one drum player – we had a full band right there in the living room! Now, I am not saying we were The Beatles…but we definitely would have gave The Rolling Stones a run for their money! It was glorious!

The highlight, one which I had seen before upon the first time I played it was Luvva trying to sing ‘Heir Kommt Alex’ by Die Toten Hosen. On the first encounter, he struggled to get the pronounciation right but something clicked that one faithful night. The stars aligned and he absolutley nailed the lyrics and I can confirm – it was a magical moment! HEY! HEIR KOMMT LUVVA!

Do you have Any Christmas Game Memories?

Have you locked them deep deep away?

Shall I hire Leonardo diCaprio to prise them from you?

Let us know in the comments!

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