Expensive, But Really Cool, Gaming Presents!

Last week I compiled a list of Gaming Secret Santa gift ideas, that post gained a lot of interest (surprisingly) and although I had always planned on following it up with this post (and another). It now has a weight of expectation. I hope it doesn’t crush me!


Christmas is all about the giving and receiving of presents. Sure there is some religious thing too, a Jesus guy being born etc. But let’s be honest here, it’s about the presents…


In my last post we looked at the gifts you can get for less than a tenner. Today we are looking at those presents that are significantly more expensive; but are still affordable for the majority of us (although some saving may be required). These are the gifts we get for those gamers that we love.

Presents that any self-respecting gamer would love to receive. 

Wakka Wakka Gamer Squashie Squarbie Bean Bag

A beanbag that costs £50 has got to be a bloody awesome beanbag.

Thankfully this one is!

wakka-giant-ssqOn the face of things this is a very simple Pac-Man beanbag, and it is. Until you get to the disclaimer at the bottom; it is made to order! You can choose the name of the high score, this instantly makes it far cooler than it oughta be!

Imagine going to play a game (let’s say Pac-Man)sitting your arse on a giant cushion that not only has your name on it, but also Pac-Man! That is so meta, and downright cool!

This beanbag can also be put into several different positions, so you can have a recliner, a high back, a giant floor cushion and anything in-between!

You may have an awesome gaming seat, but it’s not as cool as this and you know it!

Xbox Elite Controller

This was Microsoft’s way of rewarding their loyal hardcore fans, and in the process they have created one of the greatest controllers known to man.

elite-controllerFor those who don’t know, the Elite Controller is a customisable, professional grade controller. With a huge number of (non-permanent) customisation options this controller can be made to your own; and the game you’re playing, specifications. When you change game, you can change your controller layout and physical appearance.

This controller is a real selling point for the Xbox One and it gives those players something to lord over their PS4 owning mates, it really is that good. It’s expensive, sure, at £120 it is a hefty outlay for a controller. All those customisable options and the quality of the pad itself makes it more than worth this. Stunning!


So your Xbox One owning mates have all invested in their Elite controllers and now they’re lording it over you.

02-4PS-digital-blue-1024x665Well fear no more PS4 owning brethren for SCUF have come to our rescue, what’s more it’s completely customisable and made to order (however once it’s ordered its locked in) with a huge number of customisable options you can truly make the controller of your dreams.

You can change almost everything about the DS4 including (but not exclusive to) the thumb stick length and whether they are concave or convex, the button/controller colour scheme, premium grip material, a D-Pad disc (to make it easier for fighting games) and much more.

Be warned however, all this customisation comes at a price, the controller that I priced for this article was going to cost me £135. But you are getting one hell of a controller for that money, the reviews are universally glowing and it is truly a one of a kind controller. You can make a controller to your personal preference and it’s guaranteed to make the recipient a 100x more effective gamer (Note: not an actual guarantee).

Supaboy: Portable SNES Console

The SNES was a universal success when it saw a rolling release between 1990 and 1992, everyone and their uncle was blown away by the fidelity of graphics and sound. It really was a step beyond the Mega Drive on a technological level (although not from a game standpoint in my opinion) and as a result nearly everyone has a cartridge or six lying around in their attic.

Although the ravages of a damp attic and time can play havoc with the majority of electronic devices may leave the SNES itself as an unfunctioning husk of its former self – what can a gamer do with cartridges but no machine? Pay eBay prices for a portable-super-nintendo-player1machine that might not work? Nope, why not buy something that is guaranteed to work?  Why not buy the Supaboy?

The Supaboy is a handheld SNES which costs the lowly sum of (roughly) £80. It is running on an emulator so that means 100% compatibility is not guaranteed but reviews suggest that it plays most SNES titles pretty flawlessly. The only caveats appear to be the D-Pad is iffy, but you can get around this by plugging in your SNES controller into the machine and playing on that. Hell, you can even connect this to your TV and you have a functioning SNES, just the way you remember it.

The ability to plug-in your old cartridges and play them on a bus is a very alluring one, the Supaboy is damn cool! Be warned though European readers, this only plays NTSC cartridges (both American and Japanese) and will only run PAL cartridges that are not region locked.

Super Mario Guitar

After years of rocking out to Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band the gamer in your life decided that it was time to invest in a beginner guitar and learn how to play it for real. Coincidentally this happened around 2011 and the release of Rocksmith.

Now after 4 years they are wailing away on that thing and it’s now time to upgrade to a “proper” guitar. The air is full of brands such as Fender, Les Paul and Ibanez  – those are hugely expensive and you are feeling a little apprehensive about dropping nearly a grand on a guitar. I’m here to help.

super-mario-guitar1Appeal to their gamer, and get them this piece of musical equipment, the cute styling of Paper Mario is sure to appeal to the gamer in them and the sound that this guitar puts out is sure to appease even the heaviest of rockers!

It is a gorgeous looking and sounding guitar and can be ordered for as little (comparitively speaking) as £290. Get them something that says, I’m a rocker but I’m also a gamer, and I’m proud. Get them this guitar. Make them happy! You’re welcome!

Which is your favourite?

Would you buy any of these for yourself or someone else?

Do you hate my selections or have something even better?

Tell me in the comments!





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