Gamers Christmas Traditions

…old habits which Die Hard.


After reading MrLuvvaLuvvas post during the week, I thought to myself – “That’s all well and good, but what about the important stuff, what about OUR traditions”. After all, without us there would be no gaming industry! ‘No Players, No Party!’ (MrJohnSherry – 2015)

3) Newbie Hunting

Probably the most fun time of the year in games like ‘Call of Duty ‘ or ‘Battlefield‘. We have all had a month and a bit to familiarise ourselves with the game mechanics and the maps, so what better way to inject a bit of festive cheer than to go Newbie Hunting! For those who are not sure what I mean, it is when you go online over the festive period – usually Christmas day or Boxing day, and start unleashing hell on the people who just received the game for Christmas. It should make us feel bad, but it has quite the opposite effect! It is like the gaming industries Christmas present to the people who play online multiplayer games! THANKS SANTA!

2) Party Gaming

We all know how the festive holidays played out – we stuff our faces with food and drink, open copious amounts of presents, that much is a giving. But what do you do when all of that is over? Well, for us gamers I am sure we all bust out the consoles and our favourite party game! Whether it’s teaming up with your friends to become the ultimate rock group since Metallica in ‘Rock Band‘ or troll them mercilessly in a game like ‘Helldivers‘, party gaming is AWESOME! Truly a Christmas tradition I could never see myself not doing.

1) Spending even more money!

Christmas, a time when we spend a hell of a lot of money on those that we love – just to show a bit of appreciation. But what do you do if even after all those not-so-subtle hints you have been dropping for months have gone completely unnoticed? That’s right, you grab your credit card and you head for the digital sales on XBL or PSN! TAKE THAT LOVED ONES!

Do you have any special gaming traditions?

Do you find yourself spending more than you should on Christmas Day?

Maybe you think you may need a new family?

Let us know in the comments!

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