Awesome Gaming Secret Santa Gift Ideas!


It’s that time of year, you’ve all chosen your names from the hat and now you have to go buy someone you work with a present. Secret Santa, one of the most hated of all the office traditions – its that part of the Christmas party were you get absolute shit from people you don’t really like.

But it doesn’t have to be that way this year! Now that games are incredibly mainstream, there is a mountain of merchandise that is a. not shit and b. relatively cheap. I’ve scoured the internet for the best of this stuff, consider this a buyers guide to Secret Santa!

The rules that I have followed are:

  • All must be gaming related – this means that all the items must have their roots in video gaming; not movies/books/comics/characters that became games! Games first!
  • Spend no more than £10

If you know of any other cool, gaming stuff that is under a £10 then please link it in the comments! 

For him

NES Controller Belt Buckle


We all know that places of business require a dress code, this is often the traditional suit, what it doesn’t say though is that awesome belt buckles can’t be worn! And this is one of the most awesome buckles I’ve ever seen!

Give that proud gamer something cool, allow them some room to express themselves while adhering to dictatorial dress codes – while at the same time proclaim “I AM A RETRO GAMER!”.

An absolute steal at less than a tenner.

For her

Portal 2 Earrings


You know the drill, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare, being a male and being expected to buy a Secret Santa gift for an office female.

You know the drill, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare, being a male and being expected to buy a Secret Santa gift for an office female.

If you’re anything like me, joke presents are the go to thing, but now that you have a female to buy for a joke pair of panties doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s gotta be soap right…

…wrong! Even if she is not a gamer, she’s sure to love these Portal 2 earrings! They are a fun, colourful and awesome Secret Santa gift idea for just about any woman (or man with their ear pierced I guess)!

For the office Reader

Brief History of Video Games: From Atari to Xbox One

Every office has one, that person in the corner during lunch/break who cracks out a book/kindle/iPad and quietly reads away. While there is nothing wrong with reading (I am a voracious reader myself) it does make it difficult to find a book for them, if you draw their name for the Secret Santa.

41jVI9bZ1vL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I tried to stay away from Ready Player One as that is the defacto video game book, however I feel that any self-respecting, video game enthusiast has already been bought/owns/has read it by now so I thought I’d go with this little number!

It is a superb read, I myself have been reading through it periodically, stopping at each chapter, taking it in and learning more about the hobby that I love! And while it is true that it is now a little out-of-date, and a little incomplete (Colecovision is completely left out for example), it’s positives far outweigh its negatives.

It is an exceptionally well researched and well written and makes a fantastic coffee table book, if people still have coffee tables! If you buy this for a non-gamer then you have the added bonus of having a new buddy to talk games with on lunch and other social activities at work! #doublewin

For the office Movie Guy/Gal

Video Game Invasion


And then there is the guy/girl who always seems to have been to the cinema. They watch everything there is no matter how good or how bad, their DVD collection is huge and they subscribe to Sky Movies. Like the reader, it is difficult to pick something they are unfamiliar with. Like the reader, I have something to help you out!

We have another history of gaming piece, this time hosted by skater supreme Tony Hawk – but don’t let that put you off, it’s a great watch. Like the book, this is a little outdated now but it is surprisingly comprehensive to 2003 which makes it a great watch for gamers and an informative one for the non-gamer.

Be careful though, this is now out-of-print and prices can reach pretty high! If you cannot find it for less than a tenner, then I suggest buying Videogames: The Movie which is the same sort of thing, easier to find but not as good!

Again you could convert a non-believer into the church of video gaming!

For the office Grunge Guy

FOX Hound Patches


Every office has one, that guy with the longer hair, large coat with Germany flag patch and fabric satchel covered in pin badges. I call them the Grunge Guy, and he is a nightmare to buy for…

…until now! For the grunge guy I suggest these pretty cool MGS V FOX Hound patches! They are inspired by the game rather than anything and out of all the other similar products, I prefer this design. They are incredibly cool, the colours and the design, the Fox with the dagger is pretty iconic and because its iron on, it can go on any garment of the grunge guys desire!

On top of all this they are sure to be a conversation starter no matter where the grunge guy may wander!

For anyone!

N64 Cartridge Soaps


Everyone needs to wash.

Everyone loves the N64.

Everyone will love these soaps!

I mean, look at them! They are incredibly detailed for any type of merchandise (Donkey Kong even has a yellow cart!), but they ARE SOAP! The perfect gift for anyone in the office, or even at home!

As I said, everyone needs to wash.

Would you like to receive any of these as a secret Santa gift?

Would you buy them for someone else? 

Tell me in the comments!


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