MrLuvva’s Luv-In #29

The first full week of December has been and gone. Christmas is swiftly coming our way. The weather has taken a turn for the worse (we’re currently under siege by 70mph winds and torrential rain).

And yet the quality of the blog posts is going in the opposite direction, people are beginning their Christmas season and there is a feeling of optimism in the air.

Here’s what I’ve been reading, and what I think deserves your attention! As always; support these posts and if you have read something that deserves recognition, link it in the comments section!

Playstation 4’s PS2 “Backwards Compatibility” Is A Double-Edged Sword : What’s you Tag, takes a peek at the newly announced and implemented backwards compatiability of the PS4. The price, motivation and game selection comes under scrutiny in this well-written piece!

Damn it, Batman v Superman, Couldn’t You Keep It To Yourself? : Is a brilliantly written post about something that pisses me off as a movie fan. Trailers that are nothing but 2 minute plot synopsis. For me these take any incentive away from me to see the movie. Wolf you explain more eloquently than I can – excellent work!

Konami Seemingly Stopped Kojima From Accepting Award At The Game Awards : The second post from wolf this week is about something I was completely unaware of (because I refuse to watch the game awards); but it seems that the Kojima V Konami fight rages on. If you are in the dark, I suggest going to read this, it is incredibly interesting. Well done Wolf!

The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Review : An excellent review from Matt over at Nintendobound! He goes into a great amount of detail about every mechanic the game uses and comes to logical conclusion, what I like most however is that it is a candid review. I find the internet is almost frightened of Nintendo games, frightened of the backlash and the fans comments. Although this review comes to a (very) decent score, it calls out the game on a few mechanics and design choices. An excellent review!

November In Review : After Mabrick moved his blog to Blogger, TAGN is kicking the new and “improved” wordpress editor! And here was me thinking I was the only one who doesn’t use the new editor because it really is poor! I really like this post because it has links throughout to some cracking posts I missed! GG TAGN!

What’s This? WHAT’S THIS?? : Cary is one of my favourite bloggers and she regularly appears in these posts; but now she has also been nominated for a “Blog of the Year award” which her readers and fans can vote for her in. I ask you, if you have enjoyed any posts of hers that have appeared here to go vote for her. It is an award she is deserving of. She has my vote!

Who Won The Black Friday 2015 Console War? : 

7 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #29

  1. Made it here two weeks running! Go me!

    I quite enjoy doing the month in review posts because I have to go back and look at old posts, often coming up with gems (well, gems to me!) that I had forgotten about or statements where my point of view has shifted some.

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