…Please Sir, can I have some more?


So as many as you will know, I like to partake in streaming once or twice a week (www.twitch.tv/mrjohnsherry , Shameless plug!)- it’s a great escape and I love getting to chat with the few people who come to every stream. But, having started streaming The Crew : Wild Run, I have been inundated with people begging for me (or others in chat) to buy the expansion for them.

Now, I am no new-comer to twitch, in fact I have been using the website for about 2 or more years now. It wasn’t until recently where I noticed the amount of e-begging that goes on in chats of big streamers. People like Lirik, ManVSGame and Ellohime have been bombarded with similar requests for other games.

The problem is, sure a chancer can strike lucky sometimes, but how do we as streamers tackle this problem? I like to think I am quite a polite person, and also quite giving – but not to the point where I am going to send randomers on the internet a £25 game expansion!

So, do we go down the “Sorry, I can’t afford that” route? Tried it. Got lambasted with profanity – although it was quite hilarious, bad troll is bad. Do we go down the more extreme and straight out tell them to go f- themselves and get a job or save up their pocket money?

Is there a middle ground?

Personally, I don’t think ignoring them is even a factor, and I as a broadcaster don’t like to be trigger happy on temporary bans or time outs – and I know for a fact my mods are in a similar mindset!

Sadly, I think this is a issue I don’t think this issue will ever go away, unless we fight e-begging with a bit of e-shaming? Seems harsh though!

Would you feel embarrassed e-begging?

Would you shame people who do?

Or just ignore them?

Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “E-beggars…

  1. People using the chat section of your stream to beg for a luxury item that they clearly don’t “need” but that they just want for free? Ignore them is they are nice about it, mute/ban those who make themselves annoying, but never feel you need to justify not buying them something.


  2. Sylow says:

    I see it the same way. Games and expansions are luxury goods. There’s enough out there you can play for free, and i am not thinking about the “F2P costs more than normal games” stuff. Nobody will freeze or starve or anything by being denied access to one or another specific game, so ignoring or in case of need (e.g. when harassing other users about it) banning them indeed is the proper way to go.


  3. Tommy Robbins says:

    This is a strange issue that I haven’t experienced really (as more of a video maker and less of a “streamer” myself). I wouldn’t really know what to do though. I feel you about not wanting to jump to bans and the like. Seems like a product of an entitlement mixed with ease of internet access.

    Maybe a “Hey we don’t do that here” kind of verbal warning and then a ban if it continues.


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