#TGTBATU: Playstation Plus December Announcement

Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! The series that allows us to look at the gaming community’s collective psyche and analyse it for satirical value!

I don’t know how it works in America, but here in Europe Sony announce their monthly PS Plus updates directly on their blog and every month it follows the same pattern:

  1. Announce games coming off PS Plus
  2. Announce games taking their place on PS Plus
  3. Get flamed by irate Playstation gamers as they tell you this month is “shit”, the “worst ever” and that they’ll “allow subscription to expire”.

I don’t know what Sony has to do really, PS Plus is a great deal, you get 2 games per console every month and it allows you to play online, for £35 a year! I remember moving to the Xbox 360 ten years ago and paying £40 a year just to play online!

The entitlement of gamers knows no limits and to complain about stuff you get for free is the epitome of it.

It’s no surprise then that when Sony announced Decembers offerings (that are admittedly disappointing, but free) the response was less than glowing…

The Good

Looking forward to Freedom Wars! And interested in Far Cry Blood Dragon..um,would probably be interested in Kings Quest if it was all episodes but I’ll give it a go.not a bad line up…unless you compare it to last December’s of course! Ah well,not tried last month’s games yet and too busy on Lego Jurassic world!:)

We’ll start here shall we?

This is a really good comment, for a number of reasons but the one I’m focusing on is its structure. It starts with the good things about the announcement and then goes into what they are disappointed about it. This is a great tactic because it shows that you are a rational person who has the ability to form a rounded opinion. Your view has balance and you see the full picture.

I also like the way he/she ends with the reminder that PS Plus has had some great months and that there are other great games out there and your PS4 ownership shouldn’t rely on the free offerings.

All in all, this contributor is making the most of the situation and is willing to try the games because they are free!

A really good show sir/madam! I salute you.

The Bad

You’re totally don’t care about PS4 players. You sold 30 millions PS4 but the PS+ is always bad (i’m not saying bad words) on this console.
2 years, the PS4 have 2 years and NO one AAA game on PS+. It’s pathetic.

This comment has several of the warning signs of a troll. I’m not sure if it was a troll though because they took the time to correct their spelling mistake (well the “you’re” not the “NO”), you know that a comment is going to be bad when the first word you read is spelled incorrectly.

This is a post that keeps on giving though, after the great start this contributor then goes into a tirade on how Sony don’t give a shit because the games this month (that are free) aren’t to his/her standard. Of course the comment was very well researched, while there hasn’t been many (one in fact; Injustice: Gods Among Us) there has been AAA titles available on PS Plus; last December in fact.

Also it’s very important that a multi-million pound company should care about us all and pander to our every whim.

The Ugly

Good, you might die if you hold your breath too long.

I don’t think I have to really say why this is the ugly one this edition. I will say this though, I fucking hate that threatening someones life, or expressing your desire that it ends is now the defacto “burn” on the internet.

You have no idea who you are talking to, you do not know their story and what they may be dealing with. Most importantly you have no idea how your words will be taken.

I fucking despise this type of comment. I hate it. The contributor who decided that this was a legitimate, funny, smart or in any way appropriate reply should be ashamed of themself.


What do you think?

Does the Sony announcements get met with the same level of hatred that they do here in the UK?

Have you seen a good, bad or ugly comment on the US blog?

Tell me in the comments!

One thought on “#TGTBATU: Playstation Plus December Announcement

  1. If they announced a AAA game for Plus, then it’d be a 1,000+ comments of people saying “Ugh, I already bought/played that”. I’d much rather stick to NEW indies or games I (and most others) likely missed.

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