MrLuvva’s Luv-In #27

Another week has passed, another piece of DLC that I am desperate to play is imminent. And it is time to tell you guys what I have enjoyed reading this week!

Before I do that though, I’m gonna ask for you guys to send me your GOTY with a little paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. I’m hoping/planning/wishing to run a little series of posts over the Christmas period and would love it if you guys would/could contribute. All credit will be given and I’d be eternally grateful (might even have a prize for my favourite one!).

Now that’s done, here’s the posts of the past week! If you have read something awesome this week, then please link to it in the comments!

The Startling Sales Truth Of Rise Of The Tomb Raider –  From Derek over at Gamer Crash! This post looks at the latest Tomb Raider and its failure in the UK market. It was a great read and it highlighted the major problem with the release date of Tomb Raider, it was surrounded by infinitely more appealing prospects. A case of too many games, hopefully MS will look at a more balanced calendar for next year #notlikely.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty –  Another week, another great review by My Brain On Games. This time it is one of the divisive entries into the MGS franchise. A game that I love, until the end. While it was refreshing to see that level of imagination in a AAA game – it was too much for me to bare by the end. It was a cartoon in parts. Still like the game play though 😀

Microtransactions – Are They Good For Games?Microstransactions really get my back up. I hate them when they are invasive and get in the way of my enjoyment. So does Dina Farmer, this post was really very good and it outlines exactly the same reasons I hate them. I found myself nodding in agreement, while struggling to think of a good implementation of them in games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review: Explosive I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’ve been playing a lot of games recently and have been on a review kick! I love reading reviews, especially when they are as well written as this one from Play Legit! Excellent work guys!

The etymology of “gank” in videogames – I love etymology, learning where words and phrases come from and how they enter the lexicon fascinates me! “Gank” is a word that I have used ever since my days of UO, I had no idea where it came from until I read this great post from Cruel Ultimatum; really excellent work!

Looking Back At Ten Years Of Xbox 360 MemoriesI had no idea that the Xbox 360 is ten years old! That is crazy, I still remember getting my console after seeing the reveal of Gears of War; I love posts that look at the memories that videogames give us and this one from Wolf is amongst the best I have ever read! It was a great journey down his memory lane! Thanks for sharing it with us Wolf!

Honest Trailers – Star Wars – I love Honest Trailers on YouTube, and I had no idea they had done one for Star Wars, but thanks to  The Ancient Gaming Noob I do now, and it was glorious! Check it out, now if not sooner!


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