The Crew Wild Run First Impressions

…Everything was extreeemmmeee!


So, after much anticipating since it’s announcement at E3 (What? Well, I was extremely excited for it!) Did it live up to my expectations or does , like my drag racing skills, keep missing that perfect gear change?

Let’s get onto the two main refinements this patch/expansion has brung, a graphics over haul and a tweaking of the handling system. First of all, the new graphics looks amazing – everything from the world map to the animals have been giving a slight tweak and the game looks at the better for it. It even manages to hold a stable frame rate, which is quite impressive considering what it did look like before hand!

Handling wise, everything seems much tighter and much more precise. During the vanilla game, my Ferrari 458 stuck to the road like a magnet, making it the ultimate vehicle of choice for me for when I was flying around the map aimlessly. Now? It’s even more fun! Hit the breaks just before a turn and it just slides around them, I would say effortlessly but that would be a lie. This may sound like a bad thing, cars just sliding everywhere, but honestly it feels much more rewarding when you are going around all those country bends and exits of the cities onto the freeway!

Now, lets get on to the main meat of this expansion – the new vehicle specs! With the arrival of Wild Run, it brings with it ‘Monster Trucks’ , ‘Drift’, ‘Drag’, and ‘Motorbikes’. That’s right, god damn motorbikes are in the game! All the new vehicle specs are a lot of fun to play with, with my two favourites so far being the Drift and Monster trucks, however with my skills with the Drag cars on the increase – Monster Trucks may find itself demoted!

All of these new specs find themselves in the games new game mode ; The Summit. The Summit is a timed event which changes every month, allowing you to test your skills against other players in literally every type of challenge in the game – and PVP! Leaving you with room to progress up those leader boards and improve your overall standing in the leader boards! You have to do the invitationals to get to the main Summit every month, which seemingly lasts two days (this months falls from 20-22 November). With a new car at stake for the winner of it, I am sure this will give every player a reason to keep returning and shaving off a few precious seconds in the time attack, or adding a few points on the drift circuits.

During my brief time with the expansion, I can honestly say I can not wait to sink my teeth into it some more, and I am sure I will be sinking plenty of my spare time into the Summit challenges are trying to rise up those leader boards!

See you guys on the asphalt!

Have You Tried The Crew : Wild Run yet?

If so, does it justify the price tag?

Is it enough to entice older players to return in your opinion?

Let us know in the comments!

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