MrLuvva’s Luv-In #26

We are officially halfway through November which means we have 2 more weeks of games being released, which in turn means that 2015 is all but finished.

It is around this time of year that I look back upon my gaming memories and start to think about my game of the year candidates. This year, in an attempt to cement our little community, I am asking you to send me your Games of the year so I can run a little series of posts over the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be long, just choose your game and explain why it’s your favourite game.

The task here though is to create a buzz for good posts, and I have a selection of great posts! And like last time, if you have found a great post please link it in the comment section!

As always, click, read, like and enjoy.

Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut [Playstation 3] – Review By My Brain on Games. It’s no secret that I love this game, it is pure Marmite and this is a great review! I saw a lot of parallels between this review and my own and that’s the joy with DP, no-one is really sure what to make of it – love it or hate, you can’t play it and not want to talk about it. A really thorough review, excellent work MBOG!

Review The Park – A Psychological Ride into Darkness – From the people at buttonsmashers. Another review of the highest order for you guys. I love the idea of The Park, a side story in The Secret World lore, a world that is rife for the expansion. Go read this review now, it is one of the most in-depth reviews I have ever read. A superb read that you can’t miss!

I Spy With My Little Eye  – I loved this post, maybe because I’m a noisy so-and-so, but real-life adventure posts are awesome! This one is particularly so, with pictures of all the cool things Martian had seen on a trip to Alicante! Excellent stuff!

My Top 10 Beat ‘Em Ups of The 90sWhen I saw this posts title it sang to my heart. I was a kid of the 90s and beat ’em ups were my jam! This is also a list article and you all know how I feel about those…this is a great read, go there now and support Play Legit!

New Comic Up! – Little Monster Girl has a real talent for creating short, amusing comics and this is one of my favourites from her! The sentiment about Paris here is heart-felt and genuine too. We cannot let massive events like that go unnoticed and it’s nice to see the response to it across the entire blogosphere!

A Strong Candidate For GOTY! – Izlain has laid down his front-runner for his GOTY and to be honest it was this post that inspired my search for my readers GOTYs. I don’t mean this as an insult, but as soon as I saw FO4 announced I knew it had Izlain written all over it! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game my friend, and more-so than that I’m glad you decided to share this great post with us!

The “Resident” Exception To Sexism – Paul Wellar is no stranger to my luv-in posts, and here he is again! This time with a post about something I have never thought about before, Resi has a lot of strong female leads! Eloquently put as always Paul is a man with a gift of words – excellently written and beautifully expressed. Thanks for the great read Paul.

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