Black Ops 3 Review

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It’s that time again, Treyarch have released their latest attempt in the much critically, and user, acclaimed series ‘Black Ops’. So, does it live up to its inevitable hype? Or does the game fall flat on its face? Let’s discuss!


First and foremost, the menus are – as always – easily navigable, with everything nicely segmented off from each other and easy to find. There is even an option to disable Online if you are wanting just to have local MP instead of being thrusted into hearing what the local 12-year-old has done to your mother and sister. The only main problem I can find with the way things are laid out is how the custom-made camos work. I still can’t figure out if you can download other users created camos, I can only seem to “like” them on the page…which seems a bit odd to have if you can’t download it.


Not really much to say here, it is a pretty game, but it’s Call of Duty. Call of Duty will never be the forefront of graphic fidelity, which when the game play is this good – I am absolutely OK with!


The major component to any Call of Duty. For me, the game play for both ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Advanced Warfare’ did not feel like a Call of Duty game. Something just felt completely off about the way the game was paced and how it flowed. It just seemed completely disjointed to be honest. ‘Black Ops 3’ completely nails the feel for me though, the game is nice and fluid and the new wall running ability adds a hell of lot of choice to how you approach the maps. If your teammates are funneling down the corridor, wall ride to give yourself the jump on any potential enemies in the area – they will ALWAYS be pre occupied with the people on the ground.

Zombies, I am not quite sure what I am doing. It feels great, but I feel that it should never EVER be played with randoms. They just ignore you when you are in trouble and no one ever seems to try to help new comers (like me) into the game mode. Always about them leader boards it seems! Shame, I will have to try it with friends and co-ordinate the game play a bit better.

Campaign I can not comment on, as I have been waiting for friends to jump on with me so we can go through it together, but it seems the timing of it is a bit harder than originally thought! Looking forward to it though, even if a lot of user impressions are it falls completely flat compared to the other Black Ops campaigns in the previous games.
There was a lot of talk about people running into frame rate problems and visual bugs, in my entire playtime so far the frame rate has been completely stable and playable. Visual bugs wise, I had one where it went all pixellated for about half a second after I got mowed down in multiplayer, hasn’t happened since.


While the game is never going to set the world alight graphically, I feel the game play is back to its very best which I always hoped would be the case with Treyarch at the helm – they have not disappointed me at all! In light of this, I think this will be the very first Call of Duty where I pick up a season pass never mind just a map pack! Well played Treyarch!

Played on PS4.

How are you finding the game?

Are those K/D ratios still going strong?

Let us know in the comments!


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