The Games of Winter Past

As MrJohnSherry reminded us on Saturday (as if we needed reminding) that the winter game rush is well and truly upon us. In November alone there are 16 games released, this works out at 1 game every 2 days.

Needless to say even with the best will in the world (and time to match) there is just no way on God’s green Earth that we could buy and play them all. Why this rush is still a thing is subject to another (incoming) post…

…promise I’m not aping MrJohnSherry here!

I cannot afford to play every game (like us all to be honest) so tough decisions have to be made on which ones I will buy! Luckily there is already a great diversity in what has been released and every kind of itch can be scratched.

Here’s the thing though; humans are creatures of habit, we enjoy routine and find ourselves falling into doing the same things. Games are also subject to this phenomenon, we all have franchises that we love and buy every installment of…

…until something happens. Maybe it’s a bad entry. Maybe it’s too many entries being released too soon. Or maybe we just stop caring, safe in the fact that we cannot play another in our lifetime (hello Gears of War). Here’s the three titles I would have bought in years gone by, but have decided  to give them a miss this year.

Black Ops 3


I used to be a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, I remember the first one (the WWI one) like it was yesterday, playing the conflict from the US, UK and Russian perspectives was a breath of fresh air. A glorious birth to a great franchise.

Over the years though I was less enthusiastic with each new installment. Modern Warfare reignited my passion and I played the multiplayer to death, with Modern Warfare 2 I had played myself out of COD and its undoubtedly excellent games. MrJohnSherry attempted to reignite that love of COD last year by buying me Advanced Warfare, and while it did, it was very short-lived. I stopped playing well before the first expansion.

I will be missing Black Ops 3 and to be honest, I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

Need for Speed


I was in the BETA for this game in September and found it to be a good racer, I wasn’t blown away by it or anything, it was solid and well made. In another year it may have convinced me to buy into a franchise that; like COD, I used to love. For me Need For Speed Underground is still the pinnacle of this series, I loved the Fast & Furious vibe throughout, the soundtrack was impeccable, gorgeous graphics, limitless customisation and peerless racing.

This reboot though has to go up against The Crew Wild Ride and I don’t think it can compete. The Crew is a great arcade racer, possibly the best arcade racer for years (most wanted is probably better), and with its incredible array of activities and challenges it represents value for money. What it lacked though was some good ol’ fashioned fun and personality – Wild Ride’s monster truck, motorbike and drifting action looks to address this issue and in the process make it a complete racing experience.

Sorry NfS, maybe next year?

Assassins Creed Syndicate


Not so long ago I couldn’t imagine a Christmas going by without an Assassins Creed game to play. However after slogging through AC3 (and it was a slog, it felt like work) I knew that my love affair with the franchise was over – however I still bought Black Flag on the strength of reviews. It remains uncompleted.

Every year though I get the pang for Assassins Creed when the screenshots, videos and time periods get announced. Last year I got so close to buying Unity, however this year is different. Even though I’ve wanted an AC in Victorian London, and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen so far of the game, I’ve yet to even consider it as a purchase.

Unlike the others in this list, I never felt the love for the franchise wane over years, it happened suddenly. Like being hit by a truck. Maybe a little January sales purchase will reignite my love affair with AC.

Maybe not. Sorry Ubi, I think I’m done.

What franchises did you once love but don’t play anymore?

Why not?

Are any new installments being released over the holiday season?

Tell me in the comments.

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