Mr Luvva’s Luv-In #25

Well it has happened, life has caught up with me. Since September I have been a substitute teacher who is at the beck and call of the telephone; and the telephone has been cruel. Until the 29th October it had not rung once.

The lack of teaching work has led me into tutoring and going back to work in the retail industry at nights in order to provide for the family. For the past two weeks though the phone has rang off the hook; I have had to turn down work and now I am working 3 jobs and found that my time is incredibly limited – which has had a noticeable effect on my blog output (and the YouTube revival).

Last week however I received an awesome email thanking me for driving traffic to one of the posts I highlighted here and it made me feel great! This is exactly why I created this series of posts and I love that we now have a community here that support one another!

The email gave me a new drive to find the time to ensure I keep on highlighting posts you may have missed! And here I am, making the time to put together a roundup post that will highlight some of the best articles I have read in my hiatus.

As always – click each link and give these guys the support they deserve. 

Braxlog Extra: I Don’t Get Markiplier – Brax has thrown up a little snippet of a podcast in which he explains why he doesn’t get the current explosion in popularity of Twitch, YouTube and popular Let’s Players. A great listen that explains why I also don’t get why screaming and over-reacting is popular in these videos; honestly I have never made it beyond 3-4 minutes of Markiplier (after his Amnesia videos) or PewDiePie (ever).

The Choice: The Elgato Game Capture HD – I don;t think I have to really explain this here, it’s a Cary post, about her adventures in-game recording, and it’s excellent. Go read.

This is your chance to Post on BLW!!!!! – I really love the type of post that highlights other great posts, and this one is a particularly great one! I love the format and it’s awesome that BLW want their readers to post their articles in the comments, that is an idea I may steal 😛 but go read and click on any of the posts in the comments!

Do You Remember Why You Started Playing Video Games? – An absolutely superb post from Rhino! I really loved this post and I will be doing one soon (when I can make time to think about my answer and succinctly word it). Go read it is brilliant!

Five Games To Play For A Happy Halloween! – I absolutely love this post from the HatM0nster!! It’s well laid out and by not focusing on overly scary games it caters to a large audience, with some lesser celebrated games and some that get forgotten all together this is well worth a read.

Don’t Think, RUN! Slender: The Arrival Review – A review of the WiiU version that is expertly written. I love the opening paragraph as it captures the game perfectly and the review itself is compelling and well-reasoned. A great post!!

Resident Evil – Peace of Mind – A post that fits into the theme that I kept going throughout my frightfest season; gaming soundtracks. If I’m honest I was going to choose this song as part of my scary soundtracks but I think GIMMGP did a better job than I could’ve! Really well done!


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