Who Wants To Be Hype?

…Decisions, decisions, decisions…


This week marks the start of the winter binge, starting with the newest iteration of Need for Speed, and of course, the biggest release in the FPS genre this year – Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Every year, we hit a holiday season – for which I assume all the major publishers get together and get to this kind of agreement, “Yeah, let’s just destroy everyones wallets!” Seriously! Look at just this month’s release schedule; Need For Speed, COD: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, The Crew : Wild Run, Starcraft 2 : Legacy of the Void, Football Manager, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront. That averages out at 2 per week! Absolute crazy stuff! And this isn’t even counting the likes of Just Cause 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X!
So it begs the question, which ones will I be playing – I don’t think anyone can afford the money nor the time for all of them games. For me it definitely has to be COD: Black Ops 3, The Crew : Wild Run and Star Wars : Battlefront. But why?

Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 (PS4)


Let’s face out, no matter how much a lot of people want to say otherwise – it is still the ultimate FPS experience, especially in the console space. I thought I was done with it though, honestly I did, until I got into the recent multiplayer beta. Everything just feels a lot tighter than we had in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare – it felt like a COD game. Plus, have you saw that content list of all the modes (most notably Zombies and 4 Player Campaign!). With Treyarch at the helm, you know they will pour their all into this game – I would bet my house on this game outselling Battlefront. For me at least, Battlefront is on the Christmas list.

The Crew : Wild Run (PS4)

WildRunAn extension to what I believe was the best arcade racer of last year. Controversial? Maybe. In my honest opinion though, if you are into arcade racers and you haven’t game The Crew a try, you are screwing yourself out of an awesome experience. There was a lot of content and game play in there, and sure the story line is your stereotypical “I am not sure why this is even here” type of affair, but it leads you into a beautiful recreation of the USA I have seen. It was incredibly ambitious but has only got better over time, and I can’t wait for the Wild Run to introduce even more content!

Star Wars : Battlefront (PS4)

SWBFEven though I am putting this game onto the back burner due to CODMania, but you can not deny the stir and sense of hype that Battlefront is making in all of the FPS communities. It is not hard to see why. First of all, being developed by DICE you can sure it will have those heart racing moments that seem almost exclusive to DICE games. That, coupled with Star Wars – surely it will be a surefire hit? Unfortunately, I am not sure. I wasn’t completely blown away with the Beta (which I played on both PC and PS4), the gun play seemed lacking and for a lot of the time I couldn’t even tell which direction I was even being shot from! Unfortunately for me, with the Star Wars premise (my god those pew pew pew sounds!) I can’t completely ignore this release. Expectations low, could be pleasantly surprised!

So there you have it, I am sure most will disagree with my inclusion of “The Crew: Wild Run” but honestly, you haven’t played it yet and are into those types of games – give it a try!

Do you agree with my list?

Are you still wondering where Fallout 4 is on mine?

Let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be Hype?

  1. Having played Blops3 already, it has met my expectations. It’s more of the same, but like you said it just feels better. It feels like a return to the series being great, which I haven’t felt since the original Black Ops launched. Zombies + the best MP on the market? Sign me up. Adding the co-op campaign is just icing on the cake.

    I haven’t played the Crew. Could it be compared to something like Need For Speed Underground?

    I liked Battlefront as well, but I’m not sure that I feel it’s worth the $60 tag, whereas I feel Blops3 is. I’m gonna wait for that one to be on sale.

    Fallout 4 is tempting as well, but I’m going to wait and see if people report it to be a buggy mess first.

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    • I am totally addicted to Call of Duty at the moment, Domination is my favourite game mode – the death match modes seem a bit headless chicken. Not a fan of that feel. I am looking forward to going through the campaign with a few friends, trying to sort out times for it is a bit hit and miss at the moment though!

      To answer your question on the crew, it is not like NFS:U – that’s probably my favourite racing game of all time. The feel changes to the tune of it, street cars feel quite loose where as raid feels incredibly heavy. Personally, through the different builds you can have for various different vehicles (I have Raid Porsche and a Performance one) on top of the collecting parts for your cars to increase their level – it’s very addicting! I enjoy just aimlessly driving around the map doing challenges on the road, its much more than just a track racer!


      • NFSU is still my favorite of the series as well. Those two games were so well made and so much fun. I’d pay for an updated version of them both. The Crew does sound interesting though, I’ll have to check it out.

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