The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: YouTube Red

Welcome to the new installment of the popular #TGTBATU! In this installment I have decided to look at the reactions of the recently announced YouTube Red. Now that the dust has settled and the initial outrage has subsided (or so I thought), what better time is there to check out the online conversations?!

In an overhaul of the format though I am taking out the contributors names and I will not reference the internet site from which they came from. The purpose of this series of posts is not to persecute, but to satirise and poke fun at the extreme reactionary nature of gamers at large. I hope you enjoy the changes (minor as they are) but if you don’t, you can start a petition and force me to change it back.

The Good

“This might be a great thing for some people, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. I don’t care about premium content because I already enjoy the current original content I watch and I don’t care about Google Play Music because I prefer to own my music and listen to it offline. Background play and offline view sound nice though, but I mainly watch regular videos as opposed to music videos so seeing what’s on the screen is kind of important and when I do watch it’s generally on the spot and on Wi-Fi so offline view wouldn’t really get used that often. Ad blocking is the real clincher and what I’d really want to pay for. So I’d be paying $10/month for ad-free videos. Correction: $13/month since I’m on iOS. Does that honestly sound worth it to you?

“I wish they had 3 tiers so you could just pay for what interests you. Something like $5/month for ad-free, $7/month for that plus background play and offline viewing, or $10/month for that plus premium content and Google Play Music. Something like that may never happen, but how does it sound?”

To be honest, it was actually incredibly hard to find a good comment on this subject, universal derision was the order of the day (or month, whatever). Amongst the pile of crappy, uninformed comments was this one however and while it is mostly negative about the introduction of YouTube Red it does so through justification. This contributor doesn’t want Red but they explain why; and these reasons are valid for him/her.

The coup-de-grace though is with a second paragraph that is well thought out and reasoned while all the time offering a structured cost depending on what you’d like/want as a fan of YouTube.

Well done sir/madam!

The Bad

“Get an ad blocker. DONE!

Who would BOTHER to care if they can watch youtube videos OFFLINE?

Do people need to see cat videos and guys hit in the balls THAT BAD?

Google music?”

This comment is comedy gold – it is all over the place and with the use of caps you’d think that they have something Iimportant to say…

…you’d think wrong. This comment comes from a place of such intense anger that the contributor has actually forgotten what they’re angry at (or they never knew in the first place) but still wants to join in a comment train. Using YouTube Red’s ability to download videos for offline consumption as a method of deriding it smacks of ignorance (the ability to download videos) and renders the opinion; or lack of it, redundant.

For shame contributor.

The Ugly

“It’s amazing how this snake always goes on about how much he loves what he’s doing, how it’s not about the money and how he’d still do it if he was just making enough to live by…while having earned like what 4-7 million $ a year… and then he goes on to say how his subs are using adblock and how evil it all is because he can’t essentially double his money! Boo-f**king-Hoo! Snake in the grass…”

This guy though, this guy is so incensed that Pewdiepie has the audacity to make money from his videos that he is against him in all possible forms (for the record this was comment was not on an article about PDP’s reaction to Red being announced) even in articles that reference PDP only in passing.

What I hate most about this comment is the fact that it forgets the first rule of debate, namely, it should never enter any personal domain. This guy is not angry at YouTube Red but he is angry that PDP would welcome it – so angry that he will personal insult PDP and call him “snake” on two separate occasions in a 1 paragraph comment.

Bonus Ugly #1

“As for any subscription only content on YouTube I look forward to downloading it via torrents. #mugs”

This pisses me off because it highlights the biggest problem in modern ‘internets’. All the time on my Facebook timeline do I see people openly discussing their theft of movies. It disgusts me that piracy has become accepted by society so much that people can discuss their piracy in public forums/social networks.

To me the attitude that everything should be freely available for free is an absolute pox on society and the sooner it stops the better. Far too many people are stealing entertainment because of some notion that the companies “earn enough to cover it” – stop it now!

Bonus Ugly #2

This genuinely made me laugh. I have never seen such an ill-research and argued petition. Then I saw that over 16,000 people have signed it…

…a void in my heart opened.

Are people actually this willing to believe everything they read on the internet?

I despair, I really do.

What do you think of YouTube Red?

Will you be purchasing it?

Do you wish hell to consume Google?

Tell me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: YouTube Red

  1. I am a long time Google Music user and subscriber. Youtube Red is effectively gravy for me.

    It is 100% worth it. Google Music also allows you to download songs for offline use or add albums you already own to its cloud.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s been priced really well, as you say the inclusion of google music is a masterstroke and should sweeten the deal. £9.99 would be too much for the video side with unknown content.


  2. I don’t know enough about it to have a solid opinion. I wouldn’t think I’d pay for such a subscription service though unless everything moves that way.
    I’m also repulsed by the way it’s socially acceptable to steal movies and such. You want it, pay for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that they’ve priced this well, the inclusion of the music is a big plus too! I don’t know why people are so against it, well I do, they want everything for free! Reds introduction will have no fundamental differences for those who don’t pay – I think a lot of people don’t realise that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not against it either- if someone wants the service then they should pay for it. If not they can stay away and get the vast free content. I don’t see the problem here. I think change itself is frightening to many and that’s why they oppose anything new like this. That, and as you said, that they think it’s their birthright to get everything for free. “Well I pay my ISP for Internet, and that means everything on the internet now belongs to me for free!” That’s how I imagine the thought process would go.

        Liked by 1 person

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