MrLuvva’s Luv-In #24

And so begins another week, the week of hallowe’en, the week I call hallowe’ek! This year I have some cracking posts for you guys, to get you in the mood for hallowe’en and to inspire you to allow yourself to get scared. I know horror games aren’t for everyone, but there are many out there that allow you to enjoy them while scaring yourself silly!

The task at hand today though is very different. The atmosphere is one of cooperation and sharing, specifically the sharing of great posts, of which I have many! As always, click on them bad boys and give them some love!

WWE Sting: Into The Light Review – The Return To Relevance:  A really good review from Lincoln of the Icon’s DVD, while I haven’t seen it myself Sting is one of the more enigmatic wrestlers and I’m glad the WWE have given him a DVD worthy of the name. I may pick this up when it’s slightly cheaper though – WWE love to charge over the odds for their stuff!

31 Days of Horror: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (NES): The capital letters in the title aside, this was a really good review that also fits into my theme of a horror month! A retro review for a game that was; even at its time, unusual and not very good – give it a read…if you dare…

Will Youtube Red Lead To More GreenFrom Gamerdame, a piece about one of the more controversial (well if you listen to many of the comments) decisions Google has ever made. I for one welcome YouTube Red; I use adblock because of the intrusive nature of the ads on the site; but it feels dirty – I will be enjoying an ad-free service; but not the extra Pewdiepie crap it’ll get me…I really dislike his schtick!

The Experience, Part 2: The Elgato Game Capture HD – Capturing From PCAnother great Cary post about her adventures in capturing gameplay footage. I am really enjoying this series and I emplore you all to give them a read – they are making one hell of a help guide to any issues you may experience!

Destiny and It’s Love Wolf ProblemAn awesome post that highlights the issue I had with Destiny, in that there is a fundamental problem with progression. Gamer Crash goes further in the analysis and has crafted a great post about Bungie’s reluctance to allow matchmaking in several key features, I found myself nodding in agreement with absolutely everything in here! A great post!

A Big Thank You & 1,000 Follower GiveawayI love posts like this and I love sharing them too! It is amazing that Rhino has hit 1,000 followers already – what an achievement buddy! Good luck with the new features and I’ll be sure to catch one of your twitch casts! Onwards and upwards! Congrats dude!

Mumbling at the Humble Monthly BundleAnother great post on something that was unexpected, the announcement of a monthly bundle that is essentially the gaming equivalent of a lootcrate. While it’s far too early to comment on quality (as it hasn’t released any yet) this post highlights some of the issues in a very positive fashion. A good, good read!


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