Will We Ever See Horror Games Return To Their Former Glory?

…Time to rise from the grave?


In the last 10 years or so, we have seen a dramatic fall in horror game production. Which has been sadly replaced by games featuring very cheap jump scares. But in this article, we will not be focusing on the likes of ‘Five Nights At Freddies”. We are talking about real horror games!

Real horror games for me being in the vain of survival horror. Games, which inspire fear through psychological scares, not just “BOO!” with some poor textured antagonist. Games such as the first few ‘Resident Evil’ games, first few Silent Hills, Parasite Eve, heck – even Dino Crisis!

These games not only relied on the feeling that every corner could hide your next potential killer, but in a way, your inventory was also your enemy. You had to decide what type of way you would approach the game – you want to go all guns blazing? Less space for healing items! These, for me anyway, are the way horror games need to be approached! Although judging from the sales figures of games such as ‘Five Nights at Freddies’ and ‘Slenderman’ I may be in minority. Unfortunately.

Over the last few years though, a few games have popped up that try to bring this vain of game play back, so maybe all hope is not lost! Not all have been particularly successful (looking at you The Evil Within), but some have went about it in the right way, and one in particular has been one of my favourite games of this year – Resident Evil Revelations 2!

From the off, that game had me terrified, the dark damp facility you find yourself in had an amazing atmosphere and while the story telling was a bit disappointing – it was definitely a solid effort!
So, I guess my message to game developers is – Please stop making cheap jump scare games, give me games with atmosphere – a proper story line! Pretty please?

Do you think we will see these types of games return to their heyday?

Should I just try and forget these types of games existed?

Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Will We Ever See Horror Games Return To Their Former Glory?

  1. There a ton of ‘real’ horror games that have come out recently, both AAA and indie. SOMA, Amnesia, Fatal Frame 5, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, PT, Alien Isolation… Some of these games have jump scares, but aren’t really based on them.

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    • I see your point, but MrJohnSherry also has a valid one, most of the horror games of recent years have been built around the concept of the jump scare much more than they used to be.

      Although the situation is improving – the horror games of 10 years ago were much more numerous (Silent hill 2-4, RE 3-5 etc) and much more sophisticated.

      I do love Amnesia and A:I though!


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