Frightfest 2015: Scary Soundtrack #3


The march towards hallowe’en continues dear readers and so does my journey through some of the most terrifying game soundtracks. Today’s track is a special one – from the lost time of 2002, came a horror game so unique – it changed everything.

Well it didn’t really, but it should have!

‘Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem’ was an outstandingly good horror game from Silicon Knights and it melded the old with the new; especially when it came to its scares. Although it wasn’t a straight up horror game there were enough scares in here to qualify it as one. However, gone were the jump scares that were the genre staple before (and subsequently) and in their place was a level of tension and dread that have only been equaled on very few occasions.

As always:

  1. turn off the lights
  2. headphones on
  3. close your eyes and sit back
  4. be terrified

At the heart of the game was the insanity meter, when the meter started to deplete the game would throw some visual tricks at you – sometimes you’d be walking on the ceiling, or enemies would be doubled. The further you allow you meter to go down the more pronounced its effects are felt, and not only by the character on-screen. ‘Eternal Darkness’ would constantly break the fourth wall in order to unsettle you, and it worked every time! With technical issue warnings, false finishes, strange sound and graphical glitches amongst the tactics to take you out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps the biggest influence on the player ; and one of the least mentioned by gamers (aside from one MAJOR insanity effect) though is the musical score. The track that makes this list is called “The Chosen”, enjoy.

The tone set by this track is present throughout the games playtime. By using the Gamecube’s ability to process Dolby Pro Logic II, which offers exceptional track separation and utilising various cultural influences (specifically celtic and aboriginal) it is insidious, it pervades you without your knowledge.

The low pitch of the soundtrack allows it to become an omnipresent force that is easily forgotten by the player (but impossible to ignore). Throw in expert changes in pitch and measure at the appropriate time and the music becomes the driving force in the scares rather than merely accompanying them.

“The Chosen” perfectly captures everything that is brilliant about ‘Eternal Darkness’ and still sends chills down my spine! A true horror classic.

‘Eternal Darkness’ – have you played it?

Did it scare you?

What do you think of this track?

Tell me in the comments!


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