The Problem With Video Game Halloween Costumes

..everyone was Ryu.


So, it’s that time of year again and while we all want to dress up as our favourite heroes and villains I think it is safe to say – video game characters are usually not the best of ideas!

Let’s think about this logically, first of all, video game characters usually have pretty unproportional¬†bodies. Huge upper-bodies and then smaller bottom halves, and arms that are the size of houses! Now, there may be some of us out there that have that kind of physique, but if there is one thing I am sick of seeing, it is horrendously skinny Ryus and other fighting game characters! It looks awful people!


Second of all, the costumes are usually pretty elaborate! So this means, a hell of a lot of preparation and time dedicated to the costume, or it comes out half-assed and something that should have never seen the light of day! Let’s just be perfectly clear here, putting on a cardboard box with a few coloured boxes on it and the word “Tetris” at the top is not a viable Halloween costume!


And last, but certainly not least in video game costume faux pas..groups! How often do we see a group of friends dressed as a common theme? Now, if done well, it looks fantastic and I have certainly been one of these people. Alas, we have all come across the too local idiots who dress up and Scorpion and Sub Zero and when the drink hits, they are play fighting in the middle of the dance floor. Now, I am all for fun – I am not the fun police, but if you are going to play fight as video game characters, go all out! Co-ordinate it so it is fun for onlookers rather than become a hindrance when I am trying to bust a move!


So, with all that said, will any of you be dressing up as your favourite video game character this year for Halloween?

Do you agree with these points?
Should Ryu costumes be “HADOUKEN!” out the room?
Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “The Problem With Video Game Halloween Costumes

  1. I don’t see that many video game costumes over here on Halloween, so I’m glad for every one I see. I do agree that skinny Ryu’s look… off.

    I won’t go as a video game character this year, and because of work I’ll probably not go at all. :-/

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