MrLuvva’s Luv-in #23

Upon this, the 23rd(!) in the series, I have decided to create another, slight change to the established formula. Now that I write a weekly article for The Gaming Ground I will link you to that before I get into my reading list of articles you guys have been writing.

Another cool feature that I’d love to see is you guys linking us to articles you have enjoyed in the comments – let’s turn this luv-in into a global endeavour!

This week I have written my thoughts on the recently finished Star Wars BETA over on The Gaming Ground – so please check it out!

Now to highlight some cracking community posts from you guys! Without further ado…

Pokemon Red and Blue – Lavender TownIn an expected case of serendipity GIMMGP has created a post about a track that made my scary soundtracks – in a more detailed way he explains why this song has inspired stories that are scarier than the track! A good, good read!

Distilling “Fear” in Video GamesAn excellent breakdown of research conducted into the subject of fear in games. It looks at different factors present in horror games, have different effects on gamers and it is a hugely interesting read – especially if you have an interest in horror games. Great work GamerDame!

Halloween: Anime & Gaming Costumes of the Knock-off KindAnother serendipitous post as myself and MrJohnSherry were talking about a similar post – the Martian Oddity has nailed it though with a humourous post outlining everything we have ever thought upon seeing these costumes in shops. GG Martian Oddity!

TNA’s same, repeatitive pattern over and over again: Although this is not a video gaming article it is a great post that highlights the issues that TNA has had for many a year (although I still watch it religiously – I love ECIII). If you have even a passing interest in Professional Wrestling give this a read! Well done Cruel Ultimatum!

The Musician Everyone Has Heard, Even If You Don’t Know It: Mr Weller is at it again! Writing another great post! Here Mr Weller is writing (singing?) the praises of a certain Mr Celldweller and explains how the vast majority of us have knowledge of his work, even if we didn’t know it (I most certainly didn’t!).

Star Wars Battlefront: The Good, The Bad and the BeautifulA great post with a great title (another piece of blogosphere serendipity) that analyses the recent BETA in great detail! An impassioned and excellent read from Creative Rhino! I hope this game succeeds too dude!

The Experience, Part 1: The Elgato Game Capture HD – Capturing From The PS2 And GamecubeNot the snappiest title I admit, but this was a great post that outlined the difficulties and solutions to capturing gameplay for the entertainment of others. It reminded me a lot of my “Streamer Diaries” series of posts and it is a great look at the trials we face as content providers! Really good read Cary (again!!!!).

8 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-in #23

  1. Thank you, as always, for the share. (Always fun to check out the other links, as well.) You’re not wrong about the title of my post — it could be better. 🙂 But sometimes ya gotta take function over style!


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