Frightfest 2015: What I want to see in Friday the 13th

I don’t know if you are aware, but promising horror game ‘Summer Camp: Vol. 1″ has been re-branded as ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ and has just hit kickstarter and I am very excited (to the surprise of no-one)!


I’m not a big fan of the movies, but this sounds like the perfect game for all horror fans! It is a third-person, asymmetrical multiplayer (don’t groan, maybe this will be the game to make it work) game in which a player controlled Jason Voorhees will attempt to murder (up to 7) camp counselors as they work together in an effort to try to survive the night at Camp Crystal Lake.

With player controlled killers that will be hilariously overpowered and counselors trying to run (and occasionally trying to fight) I am sure there be awesome emergent gameplay videos all over the internet soon after launch.

This game has great potential and with a year of development under its belt and another to go I’m hoping for a superb experience. What should that experience consist of? Well aside from good objective based gameplay and numerous reasons to work as part of a team, here is what I want to see in it! 

The option to play with the “rules of horror” – While it’s awesome to be able to step back into the horror of the 80s; it is also impossible to ignore ‘Scream’ and its honest admission of the “rules”.

So picture the scene, if you go down to the lake and partake in a little skinny dipping or have some sexual congress (with your bros or whoever is also playing it, its weird but…) then the killer will get a heads up on your position (no not sexual position, pervert!). This gives the killer the opportunity to kill you in the act.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

What if the killer could play dead, only to disappear in a split second – I’d imagine this could be a one-use skill that would allow the killer to spawn somewhere he has already been. Could really ramp up the tension as the survivors would have no idea where he is!

Being able to set “killer traps” – The girl looks out the window and sees something and she locks the doors, but did she lock the killer in or out? The eternal question, that is almost always answered with “in”! Slashers do make these tactical choices in almost every movie and it would be a killer feature if they could program it.

Imagine the scene, you filter the survivors to a certain building, you know they will try to hide. So you lock the front and back doors, and begin the search – this would force the survivors upstairs. Put this on top of the ability to kill the phone lines or electric, booby trap a closet so something falls out and makes a noise (alerting the killer to their location) or maybe even a decoy killer! I could go on but they are all emergent jump scares that are impossible to predict! There are so many options open to the developers and I hope they take the opportunity to incorporate something like this as it would add a layer of depth and tactical game play which would lengthen the longevity.


Being able to set “survivor traps” – You know the score, the survivors have “had enough” of running and create some fiendish plan to capture/kill the slasher and they put it into motion.

Well, why not allow them to do it in-game?

Again it would discourage indefinite hiding or sprinting for the finish and would add to the tactical gameplay and allow for some fun, if implemented well it could allow for a late game swing of power (emulating the movies further) and make the hunter, the hunted!

Imagine if both Jason and the survivors had their own plans and it was a matter of getting their victims to them, it would be nerve shredding and it would make for some teamwork in the game (imagine that!). This would be especially true if there is a trap timer (give the players objectives to start the trap) that counts down and if the survivors create and set it off before it counts down then it is lethal to the killer…

…like that time they exploded Jason…(yes I realise this is actually the start of ‘Jason Goes To Hell)

If they fail, then escape is their only hope and that would open up new objectives. This would ensure that the games have a good ebb and flow and encourage the survivors to co-operate and play the game as intended.

Opening Scene – Opening scenes in slasher movies are always amazing (and cheesy) and I can think of no better way to start each match than a short (90 secs) opening scene.

We already know that the game will have a replay mode that will turn match highlights into a 1980s style movie trailer (which is awesome) but I would love it if every game had a little opening scene – explaining what the survivors are doing and why they gotta die or where Jason has come from! If they cheesed it up it would be hilarious and set the tone perfectly!

Y’know the way every slasher movie starts with a brutal kill? Well what if they used a random kill from a random match and made them into the opening scenes like the replay function and make it unique every time? This would be incredible!

As long as they avoid these pitfalls…

…we’ll be grand!

Are you excited for Friday The 13th: The Game?

What would you like to see in it?

Any of my ideas you could improve?

Tell me in the comments below!



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