The Good, the Bad and the Ugly : Battlefront BETA


I’ve been playing loads of the Star Wars: Battlefront BETA this weekend (thoughts are incoming) and since it has been ages since I have done an entry into this category – why not see what the internet thinks of it…turns out that the timing just couldn’t be better.

The internet is alive with chat and general excitement about the (at time of writing) on-going BETA, but not everyone is happy – oh no!

Without further ado – TGTBTU!

The Good


I’m was really interested in it, but after a few hours with it I’ll pass. I ended up not liking the power ups on the battlefield. It just makes the gameplay to random for my liking. It turns out I really miss picking a role when I spawn. (This time I want to repair turrets, this time I want to hunt vehicles, etc). Now every life feels the same. Run around shooting infantry until I find a power up, then maybe be a hero or vehicle.

There are issues with the spawning system as others have mentioned. My issue though is that you can’t pick a spawn location, which adds to the sense of randomness I mentioned earlier. Theres not a whole lot of planning for you to do. So every life feels the same. Because of that I’m already pretty bored with it. I’ll play some more, maybe it’ll get better after I unlock some things. Maybe.

I like this post from reddit user WolfintheShadows for a number of reasons. The first being that he presents well-reasoned arguments – he highlights issues and explains why he dislikes them in a succinct manner. Not only this but he even reasons that this is not his final thought on the matter and the he is going to go back, unlock and re-evaluate! What is this witchcraft? A genetically modified gamer?

Kudos WolfintheShadows you have my respect!

The Bad

The gunplay is weak, most of the ‘vehicles’ are either on rails or just unplayable props, the maps are too small and poorly-designed. Graphics aside Battlefront would have been a mediocre game 15 years ago.

This post annoys the hell outta me, almost as much as the ugly below! It highlights an ignorance that is just incredible! Complaining about game mechanics is one thing, but complaining that you cannot fly set dressing is just insane, also it completely neglects the issue of the actual vehicles – and ends in a statement that is grossly exaggerated.

The sad thing is, is that this type of post is not uncommon on the internet and makes up a large swathe of posts regarding games on many message boards. It annoyed me so much I forgot to take the user name and the site in which it was posted!

The Ugly 

First he posted this:


No Server Browser, No Thank You.

If I wanted to have random matchmaking, I’d be a console peasant.

and then:

And then right after they get it working well, they will introduce a free trial account system, something like GameTime, which only requires a Origin account, and then suddenly the game will be flooded by hackers. As they can cheat for a week, get banned, make a new account, and cheat for another week.

And DICE will do nothing about it.

How do i know this? ITS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID TO BATTLEFIELD 4. Finally get it patched to work well, and they give it away for free to hackers, repeatedly!

sttm has really outdone himself here! Arstechnica really is all the better for having him as a regular contributor!

His first comment is one of pure “PC M4st3r R4c3” fanboyism, with no real content, it’s basically a post to get a reply and hopefully start a little keyboard warrior behaviour from him. It’s an illustration on everything that is wrong with gamers on the internet.

His second comment is another one of no substance, well that’s a lie there is substance here; unfortunately its is nothing more than paranoia and unsubstantiated fear. Using previous behaviour as a measure stick for future behaviour is fine when you keep it general but to say someone “will do” based on it is wrong.

These two posts are two posts that sttm should be ashamed of – welcome to my hall of shame sttm!


2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly : Battlefront BETA

  1. I do have to agree with the ugly guy though, it’s disappointing to see the lack of a server menu. I dislike that on consoles, and I hate when PC games don’t have it.

    Oh the days of Call of Duty when it was PC-only. Custom player made maps, server selection so you could always have decent ping. Those were the days!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Console games have never had that, and will probably never have them. And seeing as this is a predominantly console series, it seemed like a petty thing to be up in arms about!

      I remember the good old days of game spy though, good old days indeed.


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