Frightfest 2015: Resident Evil’s Most Gruesome Mutations


In our second post of this Hallowe’en series (the first is here), and we have come to one of my favourite horror game series.


‘Resident Evil’ is probably more famous now for its cheesy dialogue than it is it’s incredibly well crafted scares and well paced narrative! It’s incredibly easy to forget that the PSOne games were incredibly scary (I remember having to stop playing RE3 because I was so frightened) and that the series is home to some of the most disturbing enemies video gaming has ever seen!

And here are my five most disturbing mutations in the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, these mutations do not need to have a gruesome physical appearance to make it on this list, some of them are here due to their disturbing origins or transformation ramifications.

Those with a sensitive disposition should not click “continue reading”…



While not the ugliest guys on this list the Regenerador makes it for a very simple reason, the sheer scale of the los plagas infestation that removes all humanity from its host.

The Regenerators are made by infected the human host with several parasites, this will remap the hosts genetics and allow the plagas, once this happens the host is no longer human.

If this wasn’t scary enough, there is the rengenerators breathing sound…

…oh my God the breathing, it sounds like a weird mixture between a child and a zombie – the reality is worse. Upon first seeing them you will unleash a bullet-drenched hell and they will just keep on coming – regenerating health. To kill them you must use your thermal scope on your rifle, that means you cannot move! DAMN YOU CAPCOM!

This is why these guys make the list, they look bizarre, they take everything that made you – you and you made incredibly vulnerable when you fight them.

Oh wait til you fight the Iron Maiden!

Regenerators are horrible!



Remember that scene in the Jeff Goldblum version of the fly? Remember how horrible that was? Well ol’ Topless has nothing on these guys!

Where they come from gets them on this list, would you like to know how Umbrella makes these things? It really is the pinnacle of gruesome, but if you’re sure!

  • Insect DNA is mixed with a human egg via IVF
  • The T virus is the bonding agent
  • The human woman gives birth to this monstrosity

That is disturbing and gruesome on more levels than I’m gonna get into. And then you have its appearance, UGH! A grotesquely humanoid head (aside from huge mouth) atop a fly’s body makes the Chimera the ugliest mofo on this list…



…until you get here! The “perfection” of the chimera has the same origin as its smaller brother, but now it has DNA from insects, humans AND reptiles! GOOD LORD!

Again its appearance has elements of all its constituent parts, a human torso sits on top of a bizarre mixture of reptilian yet insectoid abdomen – with human-esque hands (or should that be feet?). Then the plagas is protruding our of its shoulders, giving it more height and for some reason another mouth and pincers – fucking hell!

The worst thing though is the fact that it appears to be immortal until the plaga is killed! Leon dropped this asshole down an abyss and it still kept coming, imagine that guys! DO IT NOW!

This creature is stuff of nightmares and I for one salute the designer, with goosebumps all over my body!



Believe it or not, but the Nemesis used to be human! Part of the Umbrella project to create Tyrants that were just as powerful, but more intelligent in order to allow them to follow orders. Apparently the virus creates a second brain on the hosts brain stem to take over from the hosts; now useless, brain. Chilling!

The Nemesis is one of the most grotesque looking monsters in human history, the face is a remnant of the experiments the skin around the mouth has been stretched and has actually receded exposing the jaw muscles, the left eye is missing and staple over, his body composition is humanoid but grossly over proportioned and he has a canon strapped to his arm.

The worst thing though is the Tyrant’s relentlessness, he chases you throughout the gaming world, when he appears and you run – he will run after you, through doors, gates and sometimes walls! You can shoot him, and he’ll keep on coming – you cannot stop him and he doesn’t need to stop! What do you do?

One last thing, his voice, this guy can still talk – which makes him unique in the world of Resident Evil’s monsters. the last vestige of his former humanity is a chilling reminder of what lies in store for our heroine should she fall in her mission.


Lisa Trevor

Lisa is not only one of the ugliest and genuinely terrifying enemies you’ll face in the series but her story is particularly gruesome.


Lisa was an unwilling test subject for the progenitor virus, she was 14 when the tests started and she was separated from her mother (and father). After the death of her mother and Lisa showing no reaction to the virus, the doctors were convinced the tests were not working on Lisa and kept her locked in a cell so they could subject her to daily doses of progenitor virus.

As time went by Lisa began to miss her mum and became violent. To try to get around this the doctors sent employees disguised as her mother in order to give her some form of consistency but she always saw through the disguise and ripped off their faces, putting them on her body.

Lisa became obsessed with returning her mothers face to her.

All these tests played havoc with her physical being as well as her mental state, her body resembles that of an ape, she has a large eyeball on her back and the faces of her victims cover her own, hideous face.

Oh that sound she makes…

Do you agree with my list?

What do you think is the most grotesque creature in the ‘Resident Evil’ series?

Tell me in the comment section below!


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