Frightfest 2015: Scary Soundtrack #1

It is here, October, and that means only two things; firstly there’s Hallowe’en and secondly there’s my annual celebration of all things horror – Frightfest!

Throughout the month; at least once a week, there will be numerous articles that celebrate the world of video game horror! As I said in my latest roundup post, last October was my most viewed month so the pressure is on, this has to be better than last year – and I think, with the assortment of posts I have planned, that it will be.


So welcome to Frightfest 2015 guys!

Prepare for a scare!

New to this year is what I am calling scary soundtracks, in which I pick the themes or entire gaming scores that will send chills down your spine! For maximum fear factor (which I’m calling Defcon Brown) turn down the lights, put on headphones, sit back, close your eyes and be terrified!

Todays scary soundtrack comes from ‘Earthbound’ and the track is called “Giygas Theme”.

This theme is incredibly unsettling for a number of reasons; first is the unpredictability of it, it transitions roughly (sometimes it’s an instant change) and uses change in volume to make you uncomfortable.

Secondly the theme turns from a retro sound to a more metal sound – then it throws you right into a calm bell lullaby before dissending into chaos!

Thirdly is the use of unusual timbre, chords and sound effects throughout the theme. As the music goes on it becomes more and more disjointed until it falls fully in horror soundtrack territory.

Lastly, In classic horror tradition, chords are replaced with ambient sounds and audio cracking, and here it is used in spades! At its most terrifying, near the end of the battle, the music becomes a wall of sound – undecipherable noise that is mirrored by its unusual pacing.

This song successfully gets under you skin and is more terrifying than any 16-bit midi sample has any right to be.

Bloody terrifying!

Did you follow my steps for Defcon Brown?

Be honest, did this song scare you?

What do you think of this song?

Tell me in the comments below!


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