MrLuvva’s Luv-In #21

The big 21! That means that my (mostly) weekly  roundup is now a fully matured adult, with the ability to go out and get drunk then vote, anywhere in the world! There is no stopping this roundup now – what have I created?

It is October, that means we are starting our Frightfest season; October was our highest viewed month last year and that was down to the quality of those posts, so we are going to have to up the ante this year. I have some great posts coming your way, so prepare yourselves for a scary time!

Anyway on topic, here are the posts that I have enjoyed this week (in no particular order). As always, click on them and give them the attention and views they deserve!

Play Volgarr on Dreamcast – Regular readers know that I love the Dreamcast and when I saw that ‘Volgarr the Viking’ had been ported to it; for free(!) I had to jump on that and give it a go! It’s pretty awesome, thanks Play Legit for telling me about this!

“20xx” – Mega Man Roguelike Finally in Beta! – Again this was another one that I was not aware of; this time The Buttonsmashers were the bearers of good news! ’20xx’ is a great looking game and one that I am looking forward to greatly! Cheers guys!

Gremlins of the Galaxy – (No Longer) Pick3d Last with a great reblog of some hilarious videos! Again I extend my thanks for bringing these to my attention!

WWF – The Story of Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon Not video game related but still a bloody good post that, again I do not remember these guys at all, but bloody hell they were terrible weren’t they? What is with that fake Diesel? I have no more words for this!

Now Arriving: The Games of October 2015 This is the time of year when MrsLuvva puts me on a purchase embargo, which is for the best simply because there is always a torrent of games that I would buy! This year is no exception, although it always impresses me how many games come out at the same time, the list format really drives home this number!

31 Days of Horror: UNTIL DAWNAside from the gratuitous use of capitals this is a really good, concise review of the PS4 game! I love Hallowe’en posts and this is a good start from Another Castle; I look forward to the rest of their series!

Life 2.0 – Karl Wellar is a regular name that pops up in these round-up posts, and this week he announced that he is to be a father! This is amazing news, as a new dad myself I wish him all the best, it is an amazing thing! Congratulations again mate!


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