MrLuvva’s Luv-In #20

A day late it may be! But the love of what you guys are writing is unwavering!

When I was writing the title I couldn’t believe that we have made it to the big 20! My only hope is that your blog posts are seeing an increase in traffic, because in my humble opinion, they all deserve the views they get.

If you look at the list closely you’ll see there’s a bit of a pattern with what I was reading…

Anyway I hope you enjoy these fine posts, as always, make sure you click on each one and support these writers. Until next week!

Mega Man: The Power Battle Retro Review – A short but very sweet review of Mega man; which is a series of games that I have never played (but have bought the legacy collection). This review is well worth the read, and it won’t take you long either – you’ve no excuse not to!

State of the Game: Graphics Aren’t Everything – Izlain has put together a post of the games he has been playing, and although this is a well written post full of good content, the best part is the video of ‘Space Beast Terror Fight’ which looks like a mix of Metroid Prime and Doom. Great work Izzy!

Your Gaming Personality: Retro – Another great Izlain post! This time he explores his work habits and the success of Retro looking games. He expertly segways this train of thought into ‘Super Mutant Alien Assault’ and by God it works (even though i’m not sure how!). If you haven’t noticed, I was on a retro binge this week!

Quote of the Day – Lord British and Sandbox Newsworthiness – The Ancient Gaming Noob makes his great return to my weekly round-up with a cracker of a post inspired by Lord British (that retro kick was still going on)! Although it starts with a few jabs at LB (why you do dis?) it’s a really interest look at what mainstream media consider newsworthy about gaming.

The Samsung Galaxy VR – Best Enjoyed While Drunk – A humourous look at the timeline of VR (at least the parts of note) – from its beginnings to the Samsung VR – while its not a review, it’s a bloody good read and it made me laugh on a number of occasions (Lawnmower man was amazing /trollface).

What Happened To That Friday the 13th Game? – What starts as a question about the announced ‘Friday the 13th’ game that turned into one of the more promising horror games announced this year – ‘Slasher Vol 1: Summer camp’! another really good read from the good folks at WhatsYourTag.

[For the Love of ‘Fee] Eight O’Clock Coffee –  An awesome, not at all gaming related post from CaughtMeGaming and it’s not something that I’d usually be into (I’m a tea drinker) but it was a really good read and it’s not everyday you see coffee reviews! Go support it!

4 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #20

  1. “why you do dis?”

    Lord British is a big boy, he can take it… plus he does same some decidedly odd things in public. He once went to GDC billed by his company as the father of online gaming, something that made all the people who had been doing online games long, long before Ultima Online quite annoyed. He’s made his reputation, who am I to deny him his creation?


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