Doomed To Fail?

…time to go back to the future?


Ladies and gentlemen, we as gamers are on a cusp of new releases of three brand new games which I don’t do know about you all – but they definitely helped shape my child hood and adolescence. These three games of course are ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5’ , ‘Rock Band 4’, and ‘Guitar Hero Live’. Do our memories of these games, and as a result – unreasonable expectations, mean these games are in a no win situation?

Rock band and Guitar Hero I am sure we would all agree, had a great battle during the mid to late 2000’s, splitting friendships over the inevitable arguments over almost quite literally who had the better plastic instruments. Sounds crazy, but all you Guitar Hero people had absolutely terrible taste! (Paul McCartney’s replica bass is the best – I am sure we can all agree on this!)

During the pinnacle of both games, they both shifted millions of units every other year, and a virtual metric-tonne of downloadable content. Perhaps, too much. The studios began to get a bit too greedy, and the market became a tad over-saturated, leaving a bitter taste in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero fans mouths. You would be buying games for them to become obsolete almost on launch day, with hundreds of pounds of DLC available on Day 1.

That may sound like a good thing, but when you drop sometimes upwards of £100 on a new game and some plastic instruments, holding off on the DLC for a month or so would have probably been the better idea Рlet the people play the content on the disc first! This practise lead to the demise of the genre, until fans started to pander to the developers that maybe this was the time to try it out again, and hopefully both Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band will learn the lessons of yesteryear and adopt a better DLC model to ensure longevity for both of these titles.

However, before we even reach these too we have the small matter of a brand new entry into the Pro Skater series – Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5! We haven’t seen a Pro Skater game since 2002, apart from that abysmal remastering that was known as Pro Skater HD.
My first thought when Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 was announced was YES! Get a banging soundtrack in that thing and let me loss on those rails! Then I remembered, NeverSoft are no longer a thing. So would the game even be that good?!

The franchise is now in the hands of Robomodo, who frankly have a terrible track record with the Tony Hawk license. Games such as ‘Ride’ and ‘Shred’ should have been taken around the back of the barn and shot in the head before it even reached any real series development stage. But I digress.

I have already dropped a pre-order for THPS5, and I hope I will get a lot of value for my money. I played the original 2 THPS games to death, in search of those hidden tapes and other collectibles, and other times just having fun within the levels, trying to beat my own personal bests. Pro Skater 5 includes a level editor, so I am hoping that the community can come together and make some amazing levels to share with other players!

I am not sure if any of these titles will prove as good as what I hope they will be, but I can’t wait to see for myself, starting with Tony Hawk this coming Friday (damn UK release dates!)

Do you think these titles are doomed to fail?

Will Guitar Hero and Rock Band strike the right chord?

Will Tony Hawk do a 1080 faceplant?

Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Doomed To Fail?

  1. It would be nice to have a new THPS with tight controls, modern graphics and a soundtrack full of bangers.

    But given the game is in the hands of a different company than the originators, there’s a good possibility it will be crap. And that sucks. Let me know when you get a chance to play it!

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