MrLuvva’s Luv-In #19

It’s another Monday, that means another recap of the stuff I read and enjoyed this week!

And what a week its been! I have no less than three blog posts lined up for the very near future offering counterpoints and even a sneaky list post for Izlain!

As always, please make sure you click the links and give these great posts the traffic they deserve!

Metal Gear Solid (Playstation) Review – From the pages of My Brain On Games comes this excellent retro review on; perhaps, the most important game released on the original Playstation.

Finding Destiny in the Borderlands –  By Hatm0nster over at WeGameUnited, this was an excellent rationale into the similarities (and differences) between the two biggest names in the RPG-Like-Shooter genre (note: not actually a genre).

Emergent Storytime in Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom PainWhat we have here is an excellent little tale about the story that happened organically in the game. GamerCrash weaves a vivid story about a man, trying to be stealthy but employing other tactics as and when need.

Power of the Tournaments GamingBattleGround is a new comer in the e-sports field, but it is a newcomer that is quickly gaining fans; if you play CS:GO and fancy your chances at winning a tournament read this post!

Mad Max Review – From Baden Ronie over at Wolf’s Blog, this is an incredibly detailed, reasoned and well written review that is not only fair, but one of the best reviews for the game that I have read. Superb work!

“We Own You” – Confessions Of An Anonymous Free To Play Producer – A really interesting read from TouchArcade and some controversial opinions from Cruel Ultimatum! Can’t say I agree with his assertion that if you play FTP you are to blame for this, but its a debatable point!

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back – TGS 2015 And The Japanese Gaming industry – Another post in which I find I disagree with more than I agree with, but that’s the joy of games blogging we can see all the sides of arguments and debate them at length!


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