Giving Games a Second Chance

…. don’t you want me baby?


We have all been there, you initially fall in love with a new title, but it isn’t long before you realise that there is certain game design aspects which are beyond terrible. You find yourself thinking “how did this get past any playtesters?”. A familiar scenario which I found myself in within the last year or so of my gaming life, but none more so than with the hotly anticipated Bungie title ‘Destiny’.

My personal hype for Destiny was through the roof. As an avid MMO player I thought this would be the game which would suck my life away just like ‘Ultima Online’ did all those years ago, an experience which I could only really compare vanilla ‘World of Warcraft’ too. Don’t get me wrong, for a good month or two it did, but as much as I love RNG games (and I love RNG games – I am looking at you ‘Borderlands’ and ‘Diablo’) Bungie took it to the next level.

I still find it baffling, how ANYONE at that studio thought to themselves “you know what, we should make it totally dependant on luck if our player base could level up based on gear drops” “that’s an amazing idea Jeff!” No Bungie, it was a horrible idea, and because of it I never got past level 26 until the recent patch of ‘Destiny 2.0’. Which is horrible, seeing as I purchased the ‘Digital Guardian Edition’, I was effectively locked out of the main end game through no fault of my own – I just have crap luck! So I called it a day roughly in December of last year.

Fast forward to a fortnight ago, I decided I would give ‘Destiny’ another go to coincide with the launch of the new patch which moved the levelling process to the more traditional kill monsters and quest for XP. Ya’no, the way it should have been from the beginning?
Can I just say – what a massive difference! Ever since I first loaded up that patch, I have found it difficult to think about another game nevermind load another one up! I jumped straight on a pre-order for ‘The Taken King’ expansion and I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed a gaming experience like this for quite some time. It shits all over Vanilla Destiny. Ladies and Gentleman, we have finally came out of the year-long beta test!

Not only is the levelling system got a revamp, nearly every system has! Quests are easier to track, currencies are a hell of a lot less confusing and they have finally – FINALLY made the RNG system more biased to stuff you already have equipped and what class you are currently playing. Basically stacking the odds more in the favor of the player rather than the game doing whatever the hell it felt like.

Whilst I am glad I gave ‘Destiny’ a second chance, and I will gladly sink a lot more playing time into it hopefully for a long time to come – I still feel a bit burnt it took Bungie a year to correct the problems players could see a month after release and I fear they have tarnished the name of the game in many people’s eyes. Which is a damn shame considering the state the game is in now.

Would you ever consider giving Destiny a second chance?

Have you come back to any other games to find it in tip-top shape?

Let us know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Giving Games a Second Chance

  1. “Have you come back to any other games to find it in tip-top shape?”
    As a matter of fact i have; Elder Scrolls Online! I got the game in april 2014 and gave up after 3 weeks. Back in may 2015 and the game is totally different! Wonderful! and Buy to Play which i prefer. and now im stuck 🙂

    Good to hear you are having fun in Destiny!


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