The BIG News from the Tokyo Game Show: Sony


A news article is not something that we do here at Luvva Towers but, well; the Tokyo game show is happening right now (at least for the press) and there has already been a massive deluge of information and news from Sony as they go large against Microsoft’s strong summer shows performance.

As-per-usual Luvva is here to collate this information, summarise it and even link you to videos of the games! Nobody love ya like I do. Keep in mind this is not all the news, just the items that I am most excited for!

Without further ado – here are what I consider the BIG news that everyone should know. Enjoy!

PS4 HDD Edition – A new SKU for the PS4 which includes colour accented consoles (in bold colours) and new controller colours including gold, silver and transparent (I do enjoy a good see-through controller)! I see no reason why these won’t be released in the West.


Project Morpheus rename – First up; Sony’s official name for the Project Morpheus is…

…wait for it…

…Sony VR! Imaginative right? The news means that it is close to release and should be out before the end of 2016!!!

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – The first story DLC for the PS4 exclusive (and pretty damn great; review incoming) game. And it looks a doosie! Details are a bit hazy but you control the hunters that were referenced throughout the story as they are trapped in an alternate world. With new outfits, NPCs, bosses, extended lore and weapons, it’s looking like a no-brainer when it hits PSN on November 24th priced at £11.99.

Gravity Rush PS4 Remake  – One of my favourite games on the VITA is getting a remake, this is a game that deserved a far bigger audience that Sony’s handheld could give it and now it’ll get its chance on PS4!

Gravity Rush 2 – And a sequel!!! Oh my this looks flat-out amazing! I cannot wait to see how Sony continue the tale of Kat – this has me very, very excited indeed. I hope they can get the original up to the graphical standard of this because the lead platform difference is massive between the two, at least on a graphical standpoint.

Biohazard: Umbrella Corps – Is a competitive shooter set in the Resident Evil universe and it looks brilliant! At its core its a third-person shooter but it seems to be trying to incorporate a number of innovations and unique selling-points; levels seem to be quite vertical with a number of paths, zombies also inhabit the arenas and the melee looks to be something they’re working on. There was no mention of a western release, but hopefully that’ll follow soon!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – No idea why it’s called 2.8 but it’s essentially a HD collection of ‘Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance’, ‘Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover’, and ‘Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2’ (no doubt to tide fans until the third mainline title). Will undoubtedly be a budget title, but could prove to be excellent value for money.

Do any of these announcements excite you?

If so, which ones?

Tell me in the comments!


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