MrLuvva’s Luv-In #18

It’s been a few weeks since my last Luv-In and I apologise for that, in the weeks since I’ve been a dad something has had to give and I would prefer you guys get original content over a recap and one/two of original pieces.

As a result I will be doing these as and when I can, but the good news is Li’l Luvva is sleeping more regularly and for longer periods so; hopefully, this will become a weekly post again!

In other news; I am now a guest writer for The Gaming Ground and will be contributing one post a week to there! If you want to keep up with everything I do make sure you bookmark that site as it is a damn good one! As this is a recap post you can find my first post for TGG here!

AS always though, make sure you check out all these posts!

Hands on with Project Morpheus and London Heist – Lonely controller gives us his/her impressions of the promising technology and the game Sony has decided to push alongside it! This article goes into great detail about the demo and its basic mechanics, a good read!

More videos, more tests, more something – It’s Cary again! This time she is giving us more insight into her game capture setup and the issues that presents – I love posts like this because people are under the impression that this is an easy thing to get working right! The bonus is a couple of great quality videos for your enjoyment!

Shantae Review – Matt has written a great, indepth review for ‘Shantae’ here and it is a great read for an oft-forgotten series. Give it a read – it’s worth it!

Sqee! New Binding of Isaac Expansion – Murf played the role of informant for me this week; I had no idea there was an expansion planned for Isaac, let alone being released this October! It got me excited and it will get you excited too when you read it!

The Spoils of Exploration – Mabrick has been caning ‘Elite: Dangerous’ for a while and writing some great posts on his experiences in the universe! This is another one and it even has the bonus of a great video too! I’ve wanted to play this game since it was announced, but don’t have the time, I’m using Mabricks posts to play it vicariously!

Bethesda Talks Big Plans For Fallout 4 Post Release – Again, this makes it here for the informative aspect; while I’m excited for Fallout 4 I’m not buying it anywhere near release. These games are bloody annyoingly broken when they leave Bethesda’s doors and it’s good to know that GOTY Edition is going to feature fixes. It’s scary that a company is saying they’ll be patching a game for bugs etc after release…do they know something we don’t?

Sony Playstation: 20 Favourites – Izlain has created a list of his favourite PSOne titles, and he has chosen some great games, and some that I personally disagree with. It’s a damn good list though and you know I like my lists…

14 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #18

  1. Tommy Robbins says:

    Thanks for linking the piece!

    While I can understand your skepticism about Fallout’s buggy past, I must respectfully disagree that Bethesda’s announcing support denotes that they “know something we don’t”. To me, it seems that Bethesda is possibly one of the most self aware big devs out there and the responsibility they take for issues with their games is honorable.

    Their games are great but they can have problems. They own that. And now they’re saying, “hey, anything that pops up… we can fix ASAP.”

    Again, thanks for the mention! Just wanted to offer a different insight into the company’s messaging and the conversation on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great comment! And a good counterpoint too; I am guilty of being a bit sceptical when it comes to ambiguous messaging and it’s good to be reminded of the other side!

      You’re spot on in saying they’re communicating a commitment to their product and wanting it to be the best product it possibly can! No games company would knowingly release a half finished product!

      Again good comment and thanks for kickstarting some conversation 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How nice to be included among such brilliant company! Thanks, as always, for the link. It’s sweet to know that one’s efforts towards making a fool out of oneself through video are not in vain. :p More video madness to come, I promise!

    Liked by 1 person

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