The Problem I Have With Open World Games

…..collect ALL the things!


Looks great…on paper.

On paper, Open World games sound like the ideal video game – massive world to traverse, loads of things to missions to ensure you have a lot of stuff to do in the game and generally just having the ultimate sandbox to get the very most value for your money. So, why do I have a heard time even contemplating buying them anymore?

Reason #1 – is poor content implement. Take Ubisoft for example, having these “towers” to unlock is just a tedious unneccessary, damn right poor game design! It makes a bit of sense in games like Assassins Creed, where the protagonist can get a bird’s eye view of his surroundings, but it’s just so monotonous that it doesn’t give any sense of satisfaction to the player and now just feels like a chore! In fact, the BEST game to implement this sort of system is in a game where it doesn’t even feel like it has a place – the game I am referring too is “The Crew”. Driving around to those landmarks is actually pretty brilliant, and I hated the idea when I first heard about it!

Reason #2 – Repetitive mission design. Seriously, do I really need to do about 50 follow quests? 50 fetch quests? They are NOT fun! They are total filler and just plan lazy. Give me missions which give me a reason to have this open world, give me options! It’s all well and good having a massive map to play with, but if you funnel me down invisible tunnels to the mission objective – then what the hell is the point?!

Reason #3 – “Defeat umpteen enemies to make this area safe”. Seriously, I have no idea which game started this, but can this stop being a thing? Please? I recently uninstalled ‘Batman : Arkham Knight’ purely for this reason. I was loving the story, but the fact that every time I go somewhere new I have to destroy 40 or 50 enemy tanks just to progress, which a few times have been in waves, 3 x 30 enemy waves. I just don’t have time for that, and it seems completely unneccessary!

Reason #4 – No real reason to come back! After all is said and done during the main campaign, these three reasons combine to ensure I am never returning to your game! After all, you have giving me no reason too! Do I want to unlock all these “towers”? No. Do I want to do your piss poor side missions? No. Give me a reason to return! Give me a sense of fun outside the main story. Just, give me what the hell I paid for!
I think for the most part I am done with Open World games, they are just not fun to me. I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me and love them, especially with the recent releases of Metal Gear Solid V and Mad Max – which didn’t review well with critics but player base has seemed to enjoy their playtime with it.

Do you agree with my reasons?

Is Tower Unlocking your thing?

Am I just an idiot?

Let us know in the comments!


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