FIFA or Pro Evo?

…the bane of every football fans year!


The question most football fans have to ask themselves this year, should I stick with FIFA, or have Konami finally upped their game to try to prise back some of the market with PES? Let’s not forget, about 10 years ago PES was the game to purchase for football fans. FIFA was an absolute mess but they pulled it back around Fifa ’08 – a couple of years after PES went on the wane and dropped the ball completely – alienating a lot of their fan base.

So, will this year be the same? Let me tell you where I stand on this debate. Last year, I went to the midnight launch and bought FIFA 15 – rushed home excitedly and slotted it into my PS4. A game in, I thought my PS4 was broken, the game was basically unplayable – stuttering all over the place! So, I took it back the next morning and got a replacement disc – same problem. I then took it upon myself to venture onto the dangerous territory that is the official EA Forums (hint : Never do this!).
Here I found a solution, could be a software bug with the Playstation? Maybe the latest firmware broke something internally? Nope! To get FIFA 15 playable on PS4 on launch…you had to disable UPNP! Seriously EA? Seriously?! I don’t even know how people found this out but I tried it and viola, perfect! Except it wasn’t. A few games into my season with Liverpool, I found if you hold down L1 and Triangle, the ball would float over the top of the opposition and 9/10 it would land at my strikers feet allowing me to bare down on goal for a 1v1 with the goalkeeper. It just wasn’t fun!

Still, I barred with it until around Christmas when I noticed PES was on sale on PSN. I had nothing to lose with an insatiable desire to play a good football game. Boy, was I surprised! I hadn’t played a PES game since about ’07 maybe ’08 and they had somehow made me travel back in time to around 2003 when PES was just amazing. It actually felt like football! Passing the ball around the midfield, waiting for openings – it was a lot more fun than FIFA. So I sold FIFA and played PES exclusively the rest of the year.

So for me, it’s PES again this year, I absolutely loved the demo they released a few weeks ago, it felt like PES 2015 but with a few minor tweaks making it feel tighter and a bit more random. Like real life! All I want for Konami is to work out that god awful net code!
Will I pick up FIFA at all and give it a chance? We will see, I am waiting for the demo to drop next week so I can try out the FUT Draft mode – the only thing that really appeals to me on FIFA at the minute, apart from licensing but with full database downloads available for PES on PS4, this is a non issue for this years iteration.

Bonus – The most fun I had with Fifa 15, during a Christmas grudge match with Mr_Luvva_Luvva – enjoy!

Which game will you be showing the red card too?

Is it time to use a late game substitute?

Let us know in the comments!


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