Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 2

In the last installment I outlined the purchases I have recently made for my SEGA Dreamcast. That post was only half the story however – there is still quite a bit to cover, many of these purchases I am very proud of as they were absolute bargains.

I’m not gonna bore you with a long intro – let’s get to the games! Again all prices include P&P.

Space Channel 5 (complete in box) – £2.42

Space Channel 5

This is a well-known, if under-appreciated, gem in the Dreamcast library – and another I never owned first time round! From a time when SEGA were taking massive risks; and it is quite uncommon. Finding it in the condition I did (like new) is incredibly hard at a good price; I was lucky enough to get this at the ridiculous price I got it for. I only wish it wasn’t so difficult – the action rhythm dancing action is made tough by the absence of any on-screen prompts! It’s a test of memory and reactions and I LOVE it!   

Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 (discs only) – 99p

SA 1&2

Another absolute bargain!

Both Sonic Adventure games for less than a quid, delivered!  I know Sonic comes in for a hard time based on recent history but the Adventure games are bloody brilliant (well the Sonic levels at least) and they have their place in videogame history. I was over the moon with this bargain – especially as there is another disc only lot going for over £20 right now!

What a deal!

These discs look clean and play perfectly – I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

8 Game bundle lot (discs only) – £9.99


Of my original games (that had spent over a decade in an attic) there were several that simply didn’t work anymore; namely ‘SEGA Rally’, ‘MSR’ and ‘Virtua Fighter 3’ finding them indicvidually was not a problem as they are all very common. However finding them reasonably priced (Damn you Shenmue 3 announcement) was a different story.

Luckily I came across an eBay store called ‘Dreamcast Rarities’ and they had several bundle deals going on, and this one had the games I needed to replace and others that made this purchase a bargain deal like no other. The games included are ‘Jet Set Radio’, ‘Virtua Fighter 3’, ‘MSR’, ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command’, ‘SEGA Rally 2’, ‘Quake 3’, ‘Suzuki Alstare Racing’ and ‘Trickstyle’. All the discs came in a paper sleeve and they looked brand new – they all work perfectly and that £10 was a great price!

Getting replacement discs plus new titles to add to my collection is always a good thing! Especially at a tenner!

2x Official VMU – £8.99


Unfortunately my Dreamcast had somehow come down from the attic missing one controller and the VMU that is connected to it! That meant that my one VMU would fill up incredibly quickly (they are tiny storage-wise) and I would need more memory.

Luckily dreamcast rarities was there to bail me out again! The VMUs usually sell for about £6 each so finding two coloured units at less than a tenner is a good deal. Although they didn’t come in their original box, both of these had the original (SEGA branded) plastic tabs behind the battery – leading me to conclude that they had been tested and put back in. Again these work perfectly well and have already been filled by my gaming habits!

Official Controller – £1.29

DC Controller

The final thing on my Dreamcast binge, and possibly the most important purchase I made. This official controller is not the cleanest example out there for sale, but it was fully tested and certified by the seller and it came with a month guarantee, so why not take the plunge at just over the pound mark?

The good news is that it worked absolutely perfectly, it also cleaned up very well with a bleach wipe and some elbow grease. The bad news was the delivery man threw it to the ground and left it there in torrential rain, the controller was a mess when I got home to it.

There’s not much left to say on this, it’s a controller and it works.

I have my eye on a few other Dreamcast things – mostly ‘Zombie Revenge’, ‘Samba de Amigo’ and ‘Virtua Tennis 2’ – when I acquire these I will do another edition of this. Until then I am game chasing…

…why not tell me what things you are purchasing, or thinking about purchasing in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 2

  1. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!

    I’m currently on the lookout for Silver on the Dreamcast, which is a bit expensive comparatively, and also Sonic Adventure 1&2 (especially the first game). I also would like to have Marvel Vs. Capcom. Also Shenmue, to see what the fuss is all about, but it’s too pricey!


    • Im glad that my shenmue 1 & 2 is in working order! it goes for £50 which is crazy! I can’t believe I got my Sonic Adventure for so cheap – proud of that deal to be honest! Silver is on my radar – scouring for it cheaply though

      Liked by 1 person

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