Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 1

As regular readers may be aware, I rescued my Dreamcast from my mum’s attic, this led me down a very dangerous path…

…game chasing.

Let me paint you the scene, you find a beloved old console and you plug it in, it works. You pop in a disc it also works and you have a lot of fun. Sometimes, that game you loved, doesn’t work – so you go to replace it. It ain’t cheap. On your search for a cheap/reasonable priced version of that game you find a whole host of other games for the console that you always wanted but never bought.

All of a sudden you have a massive list of games that you want – this is what happened me this summer! I have bolstered my Dreamcast Collection, but on the path of danger I have found some bonafide bargains.

Unfortunately we have no retro gaming stores in Northern Ireland so eBay was my only hope – here’s what I’ve got (all prices include P&P)! Please keep in mind that I am collecting these games in order to play them, the discs in working order is all I really care about! 

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Boxed) – 99p

Soul Reaver

To be honest this was a  game that I completely forgot about, upon seeing it listed on eBay though the memories of playing the PSOne demo to death came flooding back and I knew I had to have this game in my Dreamcast collection (it is the definitive version). I put in a cheeky max bid of £2.50 and got it for 99p!

Holy crap!

The only downside is the box doesn’t come with the front art slip! Apart from that, a complete in box ‘Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for 99p’ is an absolute steal!

Powerstone 2 (Disc Only) – £4.53


‘Powerstone 2’ is an absolute classic; I have the first one from 1999 in my collection (unfortunately it crashes and needs replaced) and instinctively I started looking for the sequel. It is expensive, for a complete in the box you are looking north of £30 – even some disc only lots go for £15-20 (which is insane).

When I saw a copy of the game at 99p with no reserve I thought I’d be a cheeky bugger and put in a max bid of £5 with 3 days to go. Little did I know that I would win the game with change! Success!

The disc is pristine and works perfectly. I love eBay!

Virtua Tennis (NTSC, Complete in Box) – free and Offical Dreamcast Magazine Action Replay Demo – 99p

Virtua Tennis ODCM UK ARD

Ok this may seem like a strange one, but let me explain. The Action Replay disc bundled in with Official Dreamcast Magazine was also a boot disc (not intentionally) and it allows you to region unlock your Dreamcast. This means that I can play versions of games that allow me to display via VGA – Virtua Tennis PAL doesn’t allow VGA, but it’s NTSC cousin does.

This was two separate lots, and was two bargains. It’s great when a seller doesn’t know what they have – I asked the seller if he would accept 99p for the demo disc as it was a demo version. He said yes and dispatched the same day. Was this sneaky? Probably, was it cost-effective? HELL YEAH!

A viewer of my stream sent me the Virtua Tennis (and asked for no credit). What a winner! It’s greatly appreciated – thank you bro. The Luvva Boys are awesome!

Toy Commander (complete in box) – £5.50


Another game that I played the demo (and subsequent demos of extra levels) to death and always wanted but never bought. I must’ve tried to buy it 6 times before being constantly outbid (selling for £25-£40); at this stage of collecting games I’m not going to pay that much for a fairly common game.

Somehow though I found a copy that had been listed very cautiously (it described the front cover as severely broken; it has a slight crack) and I made my max bid £7.59. It sold at £5.50 and a bargain was had. This game is incredibly difficult but extremely well made and a solid amount of fun! I’m very happy with this bargain.

The end is night?

This brings us to the half way mark of my bargains in Dreamcast shopping. My next post will outline the other half and there are some doosies in there including peripherals and other gems – be sure to join us on Tuesday!

Until then though, what’s the best bargain you have got recently on eBay/flea markets/car boot sales/retro shops?

And indeed, what’s the best deal you have ever gotten?


4 thoughts on “Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 1

  1. The best deal recently has to be Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 for the Wii for 25£- which might not be the best deal ever but still pretty good after all.

    The best deal ever that I had was 20 Canadian Dollars for Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Party 4, Pac Man World 2/ VS Pac Man and Zelda Collectors Edition. That’s amazing.


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