A Streamers Diary (June/July)

It’s that time again, I have to update my experiences live on the twitch-o-sphere! The past few months have been host to a very sporadic streaming schedule; which I feel is understandable considering I became a father for the first time.

Even though my schedule has been all over the place though doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about here, oh no, I’ve hit a few milestones and gained a few stories to tell.

Some are even interesting!

The Community

This is where my big news lies, my last update I was sitting at 167 followers and was 100% focused on surpassing the fabled 200 mark (well legit 200, not counting those damn viewbots) I knew to get beyond that point I would have to increase my concurrent viewer count that meant I had to make a goal!

A goal that would not only enthuse my viewers, but me as well!

I wanted something that would create a buzz in chat, to get people hoping I get past my goal. I’m no idiot, I know what the internet wants more than anything (including cat pics) they want to see people make a fool of themselves. I decided that if/when I got my 200 follower I would do a Rock Band 3 vocal only stream; that meant for 4 hours I would use my terrible singing voice for the entertainment of my viewers. Not only this but I created a google document of all the songs I had for Rock Band and allowed them 5 votes each to select songs for me to sing.

It was a huge success, every time I got the new follower alert someone would link them to the Rock Band document and the community would explain what that follow meant for the stream. My concurrent viewer count increased to between 15 and 20 every stream and pretty soon I had my 200 follower and a song list that was 31 songs long (over 3 hours of music, non-stop).

My fans had one more request to make though, and it was a doozey. As I am MrLuvvaLuvva they requested that I could do a rendition of the famous Shaggy hit “Mr Boombastic”…

…the result was less than stellar, but it enthused the viewers so much that everyone in the chat tweeted my stream and I had nearly 40 viewers for that song (A dream to have that many viewers, although why not in a less embarrassing moment?). I know you all want to see that song, well here ya go!

The Issues

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses though, oh no! At one point I thought the whole stream was going to have to be aborted; all because Microsoft thought it a good idea to not put an optical out on the launch 360 Elite, and I found it a good idea to not double-check! Of course this meant the first time I noticed this was when I was setting up the stream; a disaster as I use optical cables to split game audio between my stream and my headphones. Without an optical connection I would be unable to hear my xbox 360 which makes singing rather difficult.

Upon starting the stream and explaining my audience told me of a website that is also a karaoke site and that came to my rescue. I ended up there for 4 hours, singing with my viewers and having a fantastic time – it was my best stream and a fitting celebration of hitting the 200 follower milestone.

The Hardware

In my last streamer diary I had just acquired a new capture card – but it was faulty, I have received my replacement and I’m glad to report that the Startech USB 3.0 Cap Card is an utterly fantastic capture device.


Although this is a no-name card, it is more fully-featured than all of the higher profile cards in the same price bracket; it allows you to record HDMI/DVI/VGA/Component/Composite/AV/Retro connections out of the box. As a result; if the console has been made in the last 30 years it can be captured by this card – it also navigates beyond the traditional choke-point (the noticeable lag) of all these cards by taking advantage of USB 3.0.

As a result you have a card that is truly plug and play with zero lag and with staggeringly good results.

The picture quality is what your console puts out, its maximum input is 1080p 60fps; which puts it on a par with the Elgato HD60 – however the colour gamut of the Startech far surpasses that of the Elgato – when watching captured footage it can be hard to remember you are not playing the game.  the lossless capture comes from the Micomsoft chipset that the card runs on and when you partner this with the range of connections and the lag free experience and you have the best capture card in the £100 – £170 price bracket. Expect a full review soon!

To allow me to stream my Xbox 360 I had to buy an optical connector which will allow me to listen to my console while I stream it! Thankfully it only cost £5 and it works perfectly…I now have the ability and hardware to stream every major console since 1997.


I have also rescued my Dreamcast from my mums attic and have begun to stream that as well, with surprising good results. To stream my Dreamcast (and be able to hear the game audio) I had to purchase a VGA cable and a VGA-HDMI converter (this would allow me to display my Dreamcast on my monitor and via my capture card) and it works and absolute treat. Seeing those Dreamcast games in their 460p glory is bringing back some serious memories (as you may have noticed in my Dreamcast Diary posts).

It is also honing my Photoshop skills. I have had to make my own overlay for the streams, and I think it looks pretty damn good (in my own limited skill way at least). I’m hoping to get more DC streams under my belt and eventually get a routine of mixing and matching my PS4, DC, PS3 & PC streams in a way that pleases my audience.


In the end, although I have streamed a lot less than I usually would, these past few months have been a major success, my stream has continued to pick up traction and viewers and my set up has gotten better and better – which in turn means I have more opportunities to make my stream better for the viewers.

However in August I have streamed very little, so in lieu of a streamer diary I have a special post lined up.


2 thoughts on “A Streamers Diary (June/July)

  1. grats that’s awesome. Sometimes you think it’s just plug in, play and stream but there is so much more beyond it both technical and creative. Not to mention just practicing to be a better streamer.


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