MrLuvva’s Luv-In #17

I have spent the past week in (very) rural Ireland which, as you can probably imagine, meant that the internet connection was iffy at best, and unusable at worst. While it was a great holiday full of relaxing, eating, drinking and shopping (oh, and ziplining, there was ziplining too!) there was little to no internetting.

This meant that my reading of other blogs was limited to only a few…still I can make a roundup of the posts that I got to read, these were scattered over a day or two only, so sorry if I’ve left your great post out. As MJ sang – blame it on the boogie (or internet connection).

So here is my; shorter than usual, roundup of posts you should have read. Rest assured that things will be back to normal next week – hopefully you’ll click every link and give these posts the hits they deserve.

The Trials Of Recording Gameplay – TheDuckOfIndeed has written a great post that doubles as an instructible! I remember when I started recording my gameplay, it was a minefield of fails and confusion; how I could’ve used a post like this in late-August/early-September when I wrote this piece! If you are thinking of recording gameplay, I implore you to read this post!

Why I Dont Mind If You Do Not Watch My Stream – Mabrick is no stranger to writing a good post and this was one I greatly enjoyed! It’s refreshing to read the account of a man who is not into game streaming for fame and fortune (seriously, everyone in the sub-reddit has their head up their arses and are totally driven to become partners)! A really good read into why he has chosen to go with twitch too! I look forward to saying “Hello” during a stream btw Mabrick!

Undergoing The Knife – This is an incredibly personal post from Simcha about having an operation – it is an incredible post that put a smile on my face, I love reading this type of post! Thank you for letting us into your life Simcha, I look forward to the switch on post 😀 Good luck!

I Am Not A Walking Walkthrough – Cary outlines her inability to remember every detail of a gaming play through and why this doesn’t matter. Although I have the opposite problem (which leads to many people asking me for help to progress) this post was a great read!

4 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #17

  1. Thanks so much for the links — and two UWG ones at that. 🙂 I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a brain that can recall gameplay so easily.Good for you! (And good for your friends!)


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