Gaming worlds that would make terrible holiday destinations

Bad holiday

On the flip side of our last article, there are gaming worlds that would make a terrible holiday destination, maybe it’s because they’re war-torn, full of dangerous animals/natives or maybe they are just your classic shit hole.

Here’s some such places that you wouldn’t want to visit, ever, ever-ever! 

Sera (Gears of War)


Sure, you’re looking at the screenshot above thinking “looks lovely” and to be fair Sera is a pretty beautiful planet. Well, it used to be, before E-Day. Y’see Sera has been ravaged by war and the biggest case of pollution you have ever seen; in their hubris the humans mining for Imulsion, over reached and created a planet that was totally destroyed by a spill.

Imagine the Exxon Valdez spill, only the oil didn’t kill penguins it turned them into blood-thirsty monstrosities that need their brains spread out evenly on waist-high formations throughout the planet.

What makes Sera one of the worst places for a holiday though is the fact that a-holes can pop up from under you and killerize you and your family, not cool Locust scum.

Oh yeah and these guys…


These guys are giant knobs, and they will eat you – hell they’re called Corpsers because they create them where ever they go! Where ever you go – don’t make it Sera!

Rapture (Bioshock)


Whats to hate about an underwater utopia that is home to the worlds greatest minds?

Well, what about the inevitable claustrophobia? Think about it you cannot leave the safety of the waterproof domes (obviously) and after a while that shit will get to you!

How about the lack of a view? Don’t believe the opening cinematic of Bioshock, you’d see preciously fuck all of that, being so deep under the water you’ll see only the murky lights of the buildings. All that whales and shit? You’d see none of it, everywhere you look would be impenetrable blackness – nothing but millions of pounds of pressure, striving to kill you and all you hold dear.

Did I mention those crazy druggies? Maybe I should’ve started there! Everyone, EVERYONE, who lives here is a deranged drug addicted, murderous fiend! There are no normal people left in Rapture – which means that the hospitality trade has died a death. Imagine going into a restaurant that serves no food with waiters that want to murder you for your ‘Adam’ – this is Rapture!

And I’ve got bad news for you The Chinese Room – there’s no way everybody is going to this rapture!

Raccoon City (Resident Evil)


Raccoon City was once an idyllic and peaceful city, it was surrounded by beautiful forest and a scenic mountain range. The perfect location for a lovely family holiday – the isolation of the woods for a good ol’ fashioned camping trip and the urban centre of a romantic weekend break. Hell it’s even the proud home of world-famous pharmaceutical company Umbrella!

Need some experimental medicine? Come to Raccoon City…

…only don’t come here.

This place is a wreck, buildings are constantly on fire (and those that aren’t are forever blowing up) the once proud pets of people have become wild animals that attack on sight. There are giant worms that destroy the streets and take people hostage, there are even rumours of strange creatures in the woods…

…except they’re not rumours at all! It’s true, they came from the mansion in the hills and now the streets are full of flash eating zombies! Worse than that, there are also giant, seemingly immortal creatures that think nothing of ripping people’s faces off. And all of this is before we talk about the absurdly large variations of the local wildlife – there are spiders the size of cars and snakes the size of…well…something very long. Raccoon City used to be a good place but not anymore…

…there is nothing here for you anymore, in fact there is actually nothing here, at all!

What gaming worlds do you think would make terrible holiday destinations? 

Tell us in the comments


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