Gaming Worlds That Would Make A Great Holiday Destination


As you may know – I’m on holiday this week (the first, hopefully of many, for my small family) and I thought, what a way to celebrate my first holiday in years (seriously, it’s been 5 years since my last one) than looking at the places in games that would make a great holiday destination.

Gaming is a melting pot for creativity; regardless of what the media may tell you, and this stretches beyond character design, the worlds in which we inhabit (albeit temporarily) are sometimes incredibly beautiful, or just full of things we wish could be real. Often the gaming world is ten times better than the real world; these are my picks of those worlds.

Johto (Pokemon)


Johto, while not the the original Pokemon region was one hell of a place, and in my opinion the best region why? Let’s weigh up what makes it so amazing and why a holiday here would be so kick ass:

  1. It’s small (a 10-year-old can walk around it no bother) so all the shopping, beaches, history and culture are within easy reach – this alone makes it ideal as a holiday destination. Think holiday strip but over an entire peninsula and you’re on the right (ice) path.
  2. There are small creatures in the grass that will do your bidding, these creatures are also cute so they would be a good ice breaker for that holiday romance…
  3. …people are incredibly friendly, they will stop you to talk – making finding that holiday love easy-peasy.
  4. Entertainment is literally everywhere (although you will need to have a penchant for animal cruelty) and it’s free, imagine a holiday destination that has no travel costs, entertainment cost or food cost (I imagine food is free considering shops don’t sell food).

Johto would be a cracking place to visit, although you’d need to go for an incredibly long time in order to “Catch them all”.

The Frontier (Red Dead Redemption)


Sure the frontier has it’s law & order issues (nearly everyone seems to be an outlaw) and the climate is oppresively hot during the day, often wet and thundery during the evening and cold during the night (according to the natives) but oh my God; how can you argue with this view…


Answer? You can’t

The frontier is the most immersive gaming world I have ever had the privilege of visiting! It is not only beautiful, it is teaming with life – you could go hunting for any animal you want (this is a time before hunting laws). Don’t like hunting animals? Then why not hunt a different prey; plants and herbs! You could even go to the various regions (in a steam engine) on a Frontier Safari! Imagine the fun you’d have as you get chased by Cougars, Bears and other wildlife!

For the crazy people out there, well the Frontier has something for you too, Unicorns, horses of the apocalypse and Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) are out there hiding on you, waiting for you to uncover their secrets.

Lastly; and perhaps the best thing about the Frontier is that you can be a legit cowboy! Riding a horse around shooting outlaws (or being one!) saving damsels in distress and settling family feuds with smoking lead justice!

The Frontier is fucking awesome!

Isle Delfino (Super Mario Sunshine)


Isle Delfino (Dolphin in Italian, also Dolphin was the NGC code-name! Illuminati!) was built as a tropical paradise and vacational resort (according to the bizarre opening cinematic) and boy did the designer achieve these targets!

Perpetual sunshine is the weather pattern (understandable as it is on the equator) and beautifully Italian architecture is everywhere, a massive shopping centre for you guys who love the retail therapy and a coast line that is expansive and gorgeous. You can go swimming, shopping, sunbathing, eating local cuisine and…

…you can go-kart throughout the entire island (as seen in Mario Kart) partake in Mortal Combat (as seen in Smash Bros) or even play tennis in one of its TWO courts! Delphino Island has it all.

Aside from its moderate graffiti problem though, this place is perfect.

Enjoy your holiday!


What game worlds would make a good holiday for you?

Tell me in the comments below!


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