Gaming Crushes – now with added prizes!


No, not this guy!

If we’re being honest here, we’re all human and we are all driven by our thoughts and emotions. MrJohnSherry recently explored games that created said emotions but what of the characters that bring out, our…more…primal emotions?

Be honest, we’ve all had those crushes on characters, and while it is embarrassing to admit it’s good to remember that these characters are all ideal representations of us, they are often unrealistically proportioned and unrealistically beautiful. Below is a list of the games characters that are usually the target of our affections…

…let’s play a game too, which one was MrLuvva’s awkward gaming crush? Prize will be a game code for the lucky reader (warning: may an old game).

5. Adam Jenson (Deus Ex)

adam jensen

Half-man, Half-machine what does it mean?

I know for a fact that this is Eri’s gaming crush, and who can blame her? Adam is an absolute hunk! He has the chiseled features of a Hollywood main man and the body of an Adonis!

Even with the robot limbs he is the target of affection for many ladies and with the addition of his stylish (and not at all practical to upkeep on a mission) facial hair. Let’s face it he’s the type of guy men want to be and women want to be with.

Adam, I salute your face!

4. Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage series)


Streets of Rage is a classic title with a varied and almost unique roster of controllable characters but my guess is most teenage boys in the early 90s picked Blaze because of her character select picture.

It doesn’t matter that for most of the game she has no face (aside from a few pixels) but it doesn’t matter, she shows a lot of leg and has an athletic body,a cute face (as I said earlier these are idealized versions of humans) and totally inappropriate choice of attire for a hugely dangerous revenge mission.

I’m sure she gave Chun Li a proper run for her money in the crush stakes.

3. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)


All ladies love a bad boy right?

Well they don’t get much more mischievous than our boy Nathan Drake, with the looks of a Disney Prince, the wit of a stand up comedian, a job that makes women swoon and a machismo that allows them to feel they have a chance with him and a great athletic body, he is the perfect specimen of a man.

Women would be crazy not to find him sexy, especially with that Nolan North, clean-cut Indiana Jones voice (with just the right amount of gravel) that is sure to melt the hearts of women.

2. Chun Li (Street fighter series)


The only female on the Street Fighter 2 roster (until Cammy made her appearance in a remastered version) Chun Li brought with her the classic Japanese ‘school girl’ look which made many a boy’s heart melt and a cult heroine was born.

Chun Li was beautifully drawn for Street Fighter 2, she was beautiful (but not overly so) which gave her an approachable feeling, her body, while athletic was relatively realistic and she was beating up men! She was a gaming sweetheart and arguably she was the first true gaming pin-up! I knew several people with her poster and who would only pick her in the game.

As the years have gone on, she has gotten more sexualized; especially with the growth of her thighs and the shrinking of her apparel, Chun Li has enthralled audiences from 1991 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon!

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)


The first pin-up of gaming.

Lara Croft hit at a time when gaming was making the breakthrough into the mainstream. She came along with her Barbie doll figure (and bizarrely unrealistic body image) and became a media phenomenon, many a teenage boy fantasized over Miss Croft (the game promo’s took great care to remind you she was single) whether it be for her looks, her attitude or her job (a female Indiana Jones, at last all those awkward man-crushes could be put to bed).

Lara was everywhere, Maxim included. Remarkable for a crude, early polygonal character. In recent years Crystal Dynamics have tried to unsexualize her but they have still created a beautiful young woman who is surely now inhabiting the fantasies of a new generation of teenagers.

We’ve all had them, so who was your gaming crush?

Let us know in the comments.

The first comment with the right answer to my gaming crush will win a random game I have sitting in my humble account.


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