Luvva Asks You: Do You Care About Gamescom?


Welcome to the first ever “Luvva Asks You” a series in which I will be asking for your input to my blog, I will discuss a topic and ask you to feedback via the comment section. For this series to really work, I’m hoping for many comments to further the discussion and present different points of view. If what I say raises an opinion in you, please share it.

Over the past week Gamescom; the second biggest gaming trade show, has been running in Cologne, Germany. One thing that has grabbed my attention though wasn’t the game announcements nor the videos of eagerly anticipated games.

It was the lack of reporting or reaction about Gamescom around the blogosphere! It got me thinking about how people view this event, why is no-one writing about it (aside from the big media outlets) and why is there no excitement or discussion?

For me personally I’m a huge fan of Gamescom, far too often (especially since Microsoft released the Xbox) gaming is very much a US-centric hobby, the biggest gaming conventions are there and they seldom (if ever) leave the continental US.

Having Gamescom; a Europe based show is brilliant! It allows us to feel at the centre of the gaming world for a week, the press conferences are at a reasonable hour for us (no more having to lose sleep to watch videos of exciting games) and most importantly of all, it is our gaming habits that are explored and celebrated.

I was hugely disappointed and surprised (although in hindsight the Nintendo snub wasn’t too big a surprise) when Nintendo and Sony stated that they would not be attending; this instantly takes much of the legitimacy out of the event. Worse yet, it makes fans of those companies ignore the event entirely, why should they watch if they are not going to see their favourite games being shown off?

Perhaps that’s why there has been zero fanfare or excitement about Gamescom, Now it’s over to you.

The question I’m asking you; my readers, is two-fold my friends

  1. Do you care about Gamescom? 
  2. If this was the last one, would you miss it?

Please write a comment with your answer to these questions, I’m intrigued by Gamescom and even more so in the media silence in its wake.


4 thoughts on “Luvva Asks You: Do You Care About Gamescom?

  1. Yes, I care about Gamescom and yes, I would greatly miss it if it was the last one. The reason I haven’t blogged about it yet is that I ran my feet flat over the last days and I’m completely destroyed and need some time to recover before I sift through all the pics etc. 😉

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