MrLuvva’s Luv-In #16

And thus closes the first quarter of the round-up posts highlighting the posts that I enjoyed reading this week! I decided to post this a little earlier than usual to make up for the lack of new content this week; rest assured though that I am working my butt off to make sure that next week and the week after (my holiday week) both have the full complement of posts (next weeks round-up will be smaller, the week after there may not be one at all!)

I am also pleased to announce that I am relaunching my YouTube channel – this has become full of my stream highlights and nothing more. I have some ideas that will make my content more regular and a much higher quality; when we’re ready to go with that I will let you know on these hallowed pages!

With that in mind here is my highlighted posts of the week, click each one and support these great bloggers!

The Secret Lore – The Marya – Although I have little to no interest in the gameplay of MMOs there is (more often than not) a rich and interesting lore within the systems. Over at stir fried beef they have been painstakingly hunting out the lore of ‘The Secret World’ and are putting it together for our enjoyment. I have been reading these posts for a while and it’s about time it got recognition here!

Nostalgia Lane: My childhood as a BASIC game programmer – Biobreak brings us through his journey as a kid with a dream to program, he leads us through his creations and eventual fall out with the hobby.

Why Is It So Awesome To Be A BETA Tester? – A short but good read on the feeling of exclusivity when invited to an Alpha or BETA test!

WOW 7.0 Predictions – Again I have little to no interest in the gameplay of MMOs but I do appreciate (and for some reason love reading about them) the love and passion many of my readers have for the genre. Belghast has created a list (swoon) of things he think the new WOW expansion will include.

Channel 4’s Humans is philosophical and Shouty – and I loved it! –  I also loved this show, it was refreshing to see high concept sci-fi on the terrestrial channels (and not the shite that is Dr Who) in what was a well realised and well told story about what it means to be human. Alpha Signal Five have created a really good read that looks at the series as a whole and avoids all spoilers so read in the knowledge that it will not ruin the experience!

Sweeping Changes Coming To Destiny: The Taken King Including Everyones Favourite Ghost – Destiny is a game that I fell out of love with very quickly when it became apparent that it was nothing more than a grind with too many systems and far too many currencies. Gamer Crash is in the same boat as me and it’s nice to see others who, while burnt out on the title are keeping abreast of any improvements. Unlike GC I wont be jumping back in.

What Do Gamers Really want? – A great post; that I agree with whole-heartedly , looking at gamers saying one thing but doing another. Great post!


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