The Problem I Have With Games

y u do dis

…99 Problems, but are Nintendo one?

Gaming has been a constant in my life since I can remember, from sitting down playing through Alien storm on the SEGA Mega Drive to becoming the ultimate Sony fan boy (and proud!). It has always been a passion of mine, of which I have been not shy of paying whatever it took to get the latest and greatest.

However, over the last year or so, my relationship with gaming has been topsy turvy, and this has been for a multitude of reasons really. One of them has been yearly iterations. Is it really an absolute necessity to release games like FIFA every single year? Sure, there are roster updates but these can easily be achieved through patching. Sure, they have some improvements each year, but lets not kid ourselves here – they are absolutely minute and for the most part break the game a little more and more ( I am looking at you impact!) They just leave me feeling so burnt out, and with the likes of ultimate team, which is a lot of fun, it just seems a bit pointless that if you spend any money what so ever on it will be obsolete in 10 months time.

My main problem with gaming however has been, there seems to be no creativity between a lot of big scale AAA publishers and developers. They keep churning the same game out, every year under different names. The worst part? Everyone else follows suit! Every FPS will play almost identical to COD or BF. Every RPG will feel like it was made with the same cookie cutter and every driving game wants to make me feel like I am a professional driver. Well guess what games industry? I don’t want to be a bloody professional driver, I want to have fun. Do you remember what that is? I want car games to feel good, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be ultra realistic. Hence why I am so excited for this years upcoming title Need For Speed. It could be nostalgia driven but I want to have fun in a car game. This is probably the main reason I have a lot of fun with Ubisofts The Crew. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but at least it tries to stand out a bit!

I wish more developers and publishers would want that. Alas, most seem to be content in shifting a million units copying other games. I get that copying will always happen, best bit of this, best bit of that – but put your own twist on it or something! Outside of Indie titles there is not a lot of innovation in the industry right now – unless of course you are Nintendo! Nintendo and Indies are what is keeping me interested in gaming right now. Games like Splatoon, Journey and Rocket League are what keep me entertained these days, and boy do they do a great job at it!

So my message to developers is, instead of trying to be the next Call of Duty, or the next Gran Turismo – how about you be the first….you!


7 thoughts on “The Problem I Have With Games

  1. Fantastic post! I went back to my drewmcast to experience games that are, well games!

    Aside from some discs no longer working optimally (they are 13-15 years old) I have had so much more fun this past 4 weeks than I have the past 4 years.

    I wish SEGA would come back

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  2. Same here. It’s very rare for me to even be excited about a tripple aaa release and even when I do grab one it dissapoints me (civ beyond earth the last)… the witcher was good but then I think they are kind of out of the usual cycle of creation. They tried their own thing and it worked great.

    And yeh – indie games are where it’s at these days. I don’t even think I’d be gaming atm if not for those

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    • Really Eri?! Holy mackerel! Although originality and creativity are sorely lacking atm I couldn’t imagine not gaming lol!

      Why not try something out of your comfort zone?

      I reccommend Alien:Isolation based on your love of horror games 😛


  3. Yeah I’ve been enjoying the difference and creativity (and price points) of indie games lately. I totally agree. I was on board with Assassin’s Creed the first few years and now my interest has waned. Seriously, is there really a need to churn out not one, but now at least TWO of these games every year?? Meanwhile, they’ve totally killed the overarching narrative and… Ugh, just frustrating.

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