MrLuvva’s Luv-In #14

Week 14 (although in reality we should be up to; at least 17) of my roundup of great reads! As I said last week, I want to make this more regular than it has been and I apologise for the lack of regular material here (having a newborn is a full-time job!)!

As a way of apologising I have given you a two (2!) podcasts, so you can rest your read holes (eyes) and relax with your hear holes (ears)!

I love you all! As always, make sure you click the links and support these fine writers!

Plug and Play Ep.49 Bathroom Remodel Simulator – The Buttonsmashers podcast was not one I was aware but this episode was good one! Overly long and cheesy intro aside it is a well made podcast in which conversation moves briskly and is genuinely entertaining – GG guys!

#ThankYouIwata – The Gamer Keith gives Mr Iwata a fitting send off, a lot of what he says I mirror, a really nice video that is worthy of your views!

Video Game Hunting: Stay Away Angry Sun! – The Martian Oddity has been doing the same thing I have been; looking for bargain, retro video games! Since I rescued my Dreamcast from Mum’s attic I have been on the hunt for those games I missed first time round and have picked up a few (crazy!) bargains! Good to see I’m not the only one doing it – Martian I’ll give you a shiny £5 coin for your copy of ‘Zombie Revenge’ by the way! 😛

Lights That Never Go Out – Another great post for the late, great Iwata! Give it a read!

The Kojima/Konami Saga Takes A New And Bizarre Turn  – Gamer Crash is surprised by the revelation that Konami have removed Kojima’s name, company and all otehr mentions of him from the cover art for ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’. Gamer Crash looks briefly at the situation and wonders what could have caused such a rift! A good read, made better with potential celebrity couple names!

The BigDeepz Podcast – Episode 8 – Another Podcast that I was completely unaware of until it popped up in my (ever-growing) feed! And it is another good listen even though it is about Diablo 3 (which I know nothing of) the banter between Bigdeepz and Schneb is great!! Hit him up with a follow on twitch too!

Can Horror Games Maintain Fear? – Karl Weller has written an article that spoke directly to my heart! He must know of my legendary love of horror games and wants to make the list on these hallowed pages. Of course I kid, but this is another sublime read from the verbose and loquacious bard on ones of my favourite topics!

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