MrLuvva’s Luv-In #13

It’s back baby!

After a notable absence my weekly recap of others blog posts makes a welcome return (who’d have thought a new-born would take up so much time?). I have fallen behind in my posting schedule and despite his best efforts; not even MrJohnSherry could keep us on track for long!

Here we are though! Back, and with a cracking set of 7 posts you may have missed this week! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have; and remember to click each link and give the blogs to which they belong some love! I know it’s always appreciated!

And with that I make a promise to get back to a much more regular schedule of posts! Hope you all had a good week…to the post links!

It’s not what games have become, it’s what the are! – Cary outlines and investigates what gaming truly is, as well as a discussion on current internet trends on belittling gaming and what it has “become”. A superb read that steers away from condescension.

How to Easily Upgrade Your PS4 Hard DriveRhino has come to my rescue this week! I have officially filled my PS4 to the absolute brim (seriously who thought 500 gb would be enough?) and his post; and incredibly helpful video have given me the confidence to upgrade my PS4 soon! Give him a follow on YT!

Steam Devaluation  – It’s that man again; Belghast! In this post he looks at the idea of “short, linear & lacks replayability” being negatives and why this is – he links toa great YT video and then tries to put a number to how he puts value to a game! Overall a great read!

The Gaming Narcoleptic – Karl Weller finds himself on this list again (seriously, he’s rivalling Belghast in appearances here) with a great post about falling asleep while playing games! This struck a chord with me for a number of reasons; firstly it is expertly written and is genuinely funny and secondly I have a friend who streams and regularly falls asleep during them! GG Karl!

Where to start? A Question of Playing Game Series! – Cary (again!) explores if it is beneficial; or indeed needed, to play game series from the start to the end. As I am currently playing through Resident Evil from Zero to 6 (in order) this was a great read! Well reasoned arguments ahoy!

Yu Suzuki Twitter Q&A Recap 10/07/15  – I have been obsessing with Shenmue recently; because of the Kickstarter campaign, and the explosion of love for the game that has been prevalent all over the internet! Shenmue Talk is a great blog and this is a great post. It was a Q&A I missed and it answered some of the questions I personally had about the game and the direction Yu wanted to take it in. Tres excited!

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