Good Gaming Parents

Bad parents are a dime a dozen in video games, many of the characters globe-trot and neglect their families, in fact many of them don’t even reference them!

Today though, I want to celebrate those parents who go the extra mile. Those that love unconditionally – the role model parents that we all strive to be!


3. Octodad – Sure, he may be a bit clumsy, perhaps even a little unorthodox. No matter where he goes he creates pure chaos and destroys everything in his wake. But he tries! He works hard to provide for his family, doing all the chores around the house like gardening and even goes about trying to create the perfect wedding for his wife to be! Nice one Octodad!

2. Lee (The Walking Dead) – Going from one of the worst families in video games history (leaving your daughter, only for literal hell to break loose?! Come on now!) to someone who cared as much as Lee, Clementine found her silver lining. Lee provided for Clem during their adventure, and even put his life on the line so she could survive and go on to try to find help from other living survivors! How do you even top that?

Joel The Last of us

3. Joel (The Last Of Us) – This is how you top it! How about going across the country in order to try to find the cure for the entirety of mankind!? Well, it doesn’t necessarily turn out that way, but it is really Joel’s fault that the Fireflies are working on assumptions? Would any good parent allow their child (as Ellie was at this point more or less) die to try some pie in the sky fantasy? Of course not! While Joel got completely decimated emotionally with the untimely demise of his actual daughter Sarah, he found that bond again in Ellie – creating one of the perfect team ups we have ever seen in a video game! Hurry up with The Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog!

So, for every bad parent in video games, it seems that not all hope has been lost in the medium – there is some parental love to be found in video games! Hurray!
Would you take parenting lessons from those listed?

Who would you put in your list of top parents?

Do you agree with our picks?

Let us know in the comments below!


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