How To Be A Videogame Parent


This week I have been exploring the role of parents or parental figures in games. Upon creating this list I noticed that there are actually some very simple guidelines that you must follow to be an awesome video game parent

I hope you brought your notepad because I am about to give you the blueprint to becoming an amazing parent!

1.Suffer some personal loss
This should be your starting point. All great video game parents are only made great through some personal loss – the more tragic the better really!

This sounds extreme but it really is necessary – Joel is only a good parent after Sarah’s tragic demise (seriously he got home near midnight, hardly father of the year material!) and the fall of civilization. See also; Lee and Clementine, Kratos, Harry Mason.
You need to be molded through tragedy

2. It helps if you adopt.
Looking after your own kids is tough! Go out and get yourself a new one, they’re easier to love and that makes it easier to be a good parent/parental figure.

Don’t believe me? Sully from ‘Uncharted’ raised Nathan from quite a young age and they are BFFs. They also travel the planet, depend on one another and love each other far more than any other gaming parent/child relationship. See also; Lee and Clementine, Joel and Ellie.
3. Redemption = Parenting.
By now you have experienced tragedy and adopted one child whom you love. Ask yourself a question.
“How much do I love this child?”

It’s a lot, I know it is! Here’s another one,
“How far would I go for this kid?”
If the answer is not “as far as I need to go!” then you are not parenting right!

Great parents go to hell and back (Kratos), they travel across post apocalyptic wastelands (Joel), murder many people (The Walking Dead) and even take on governments and suicide to save others (Dom)!

For redemption of course! So they can make amends for their previous failings which have led to their tragedy. They did it now you must too – you wanna be a good parent…

Do you have what it takes to be a gaming parent?

What type of video game character would you adopt as you seek redemption?

Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “How To Be A Videogame Parent

  1. I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a great video game parent as the stakes are really high 😀
    But I would adopt some kind of uber-powerful being that I’d raise for good on my Journey towards redemption, because alone, as I am now, I wouldn’t be strong enough to tackle that kind of extreme adventures, ha ha!


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