Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event Review


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Well, it…happened I guess? The most disappointing of all the 3 console developers press event, it never really took off the ground really. The start with the puppets was just incredibly odd, and made little to no sense – until about half way through the event when it was clear Nintendo had nothing to show, or very very little.

The first game showed was ‘Star Fox Zero’ for the Wii U, which while looked good, I am not sure I can particularly interested for a Star Fox title anymore. They were great growing up but the whole game play of it looked incredibly stale and if I am being perfectly honest – boring. Luvva will disagree with me on this for sure, but I can’t help but feel the omission of multiplayer on this game (and I have no idea why they didn’t implement ANY sort of multiplayer) will hurt this games sales.

Next up for show was ‘Skylanders : Superchargers’ for Wii U, which for me is a bit odd. Sure, collectible toys are all the rage which is why Nintendo got into the Amiibo business but why can’t we use the old Amiibos instead of having to buy the “Turbo Charged Donkey Kong” figurine? Surely if it is a technical thing they could just release an adapter for your amiibo to slot into instead? The best part of this segment for me was FINALLY Nintendo has a major third-party relationship.

So, what would be next for Nintendo to show? Maybe a bit of Zelda for the Wii U? After all, it’s been a while since we saw anything on it? Well…no. We did see Zelda, but not in the way I am sure most of had hoped for! Nintendo introduced ‘The Legend of Zelda : Tri Force Heroes’ for the 3DS. Which I am guessing means the old 3DS as well as the new variation. Zelda : Tri Force Heroes is a 4 player Co-Op Zelda, which showed various ways of players to help each other to get beyond puzzles. If I am being completely honest, I think this was the point in the conference where I began to lose hope. As a new owner of a Wii U, I had hoped for some great games to look forward too for the rest of the year, and the beginning of the next.

Instead, all I felt was complete and utter despair at what I was witnessing, sure, all of these games have an audience but to be perfectly honest, in this hour event I am only looking forward to Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles (which looks bloody amazing!). Xenoblade Chronicles gave me some serious Phantasy Star Online vibes, which I am totally down for.

The biggest of these disappointments was ‘Metroid Prime Federation Force’. I don’t know WHAT Nintendo were thinking, but this looks a complete and utter embarrassment to the name Metroid. An absolute shovel ware looking title which should never EVER have been giving the title ‘Metroid’. Thankfully, I am not alone in this and while I don’t support the petition currently going around for Nintendo to change the name away from Metroid, I am sure not many would shed a tear if this game quietly disappeared forever.
Overall, I was very disappointed in Nintendo, meanly because all the things I have predicted never showed up! Where was the games like F-Zero, Wave Race? Heck, where was Pokémon?! Never mind The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. The whole conference just felt to me that Nintendo are on the verge of giving up on the Wii U and are biding their time before whatever the NX is going to be.

What did you make of Nintendo’s showing?

Have they gave up on the Wii U?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


One thought on “Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event Review

  1. RandyRaichu says:

    As a bit of a Nintendo fan boy, their conference really let me down considering all the hype Microsoft and Sony generated. While I can’t wait for Star Fox Zero< Super Mario Maker and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, it just showed that Nintendo really doesn't give a fuck about the Wii U anymore with the NXs reveal next year. The whole 'Metroid' thing, I feel like Nintendo stabbed all fan boys in the back.The developer of Super Smash Bros. (Masahiro Sakurai) held a 20 minute presentation showing off updates and DLC for the game (Ryu Hype!) and even THAT was more exciting than Nintendos entire presentation.

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